Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Definition of Pole Dancing

Is it a sport? Is it a hobby? Is it a job? Is it sexy? Is it fitness? Or is it just gymnastics? Pole dancing isn't “just” any one thing. I like to define it with a simple umbrella phrase as “an art form.” Art is such a broad form of something being expressed without limitations. I like to think of my dancing this way. There is no right or wrong way to dance. Dancing can take on a multitude of forms and often reflects the feelings of the dancer. Our music choice helps set the mood of our dance and therefore adds flavor to our movement. No one person is the same, therefore our dancing shouldn't be either. We are constantly striving for the next move or trick that can enhance our performances. As a community we share our progress and ideas with each other- every one of us performs a movement in our own individual way thus making it our own. A pole dancer once told me to own my movement. I don't recall who it was but I have adapted that into my personal psyche and now preach this very idea to my own students. For every transition, spin, or trick I teach them, I encourage my students to own the move and make it theirs. Change it to what fits their body the best. You are the only one who knows how your body moves, therefore you must cater the movement to your body and it's limitations. Don't think of your limitations as a handicap but rather your personal flavor. The individuality that you bring to your dancing. Embrace the aspects of pole dancing that you feel gravitated towards. Whether it be the sporty gymnast within or unleashing that saucy vixen, your dancing is completely undefined until you release it and let your movement become the characteristic you are feeling for that dance at that moment. No matter why it is done, pole dancing will always be rooted as a passion. So enjoy your passion and be yourself. After all, we are each unique in our own way and deserve to let who we are be freely expressed and what better way for the world to know us than through our dance.

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