Saturday, September 14, 2013

September PDBA Blog Hop: Beauty, Body, & Wellness.

This month's blog hop theme is Beauty, Body, & Wellness.  The theme was generated when a fellow Pole Dancing Association Blogger, Leena Isabel of Pole Dancing Adventures, made the statement “Pole has made me rethink how I treat my body inside and out.”  As I pondered this quote, I found myself coming to the realization that pole dancing has also changed the way I treat my own body both internally and externally.  For many bloggers, this topic was about discussing various feminine products out on the market that a pole dancer may find beneficial for all the different needs women have.  I wanted to write my perspective in a different angle.  I couldn't recall the discovery of holy grail products outside of epsom salt for pole, therefore I wanted to discuss the most important discovery I have made since beginning my journey in pole.

Pole dancing has made me really listen to my body. The kind of attention I gave my body pre-pole and now post pole is completely different. When I say really listen to my body, I mean I have let my body make decisions based on what it needs versus what I want.  There's nothing more exhilarating than enjoying a beautiful day out at the park on an aerial apparatus.  Beautiful weather must be taken advantage of whenever it presents itself.  But when it comes to my body, I often let my body make the decision as to whether I am going to enjoy a strenuous workout.  Any lingering bit of soreness speaks volumes to me.  It's a warning that if I push my body through, I could risk serious injury.  An injury lasts a lifetime.  It's always best to err on the side of caution.  Especially when it comes to the type of fitness activities such as pole dancing, aerial silks, and aerial hoop/lyra.  Your body must be taken care of properly to continue to function.  A properly taken care of body includes adequate rest, hydration, and nutrition.  These three essential components are what keeps us full of healing and physical energy. 

As an instructor, I am faced with having to take it easy and know when I need to do so.  It's important for the longevity of my career.  This is a major reason why I do not compete.  I can't push my body to limits that borderline injury.  I've seen so many people take the road of harsh training that it does more harm than good in the end.  I want to be able to dance a long time- a lot longer than the trick of the week or month is in it's peak popularity.  Pole dancing can be an exciting workout because it forces us to face our fears, set goals, and take risks.  All these things can sound dangerous but they can be done safely.  The secret to having a satisfying pole relationship is to pace yourself and know your limitations- which aren't necessarily the same as anyone else's.  This is true across the board for all aerial and fitness activities.  Know when to tell yourself no.  You'll thank yourself in the long run. 

*Blog Hop is a monthly blog topic involving pole dancing blog contributors from around the world actively involved in the online Pole Dancing Bloggers Association.  Each month we write our perspective about a given topic pertaining to the pole dancing community.  To read fellow Pole Dancing Bloggers Association September Blog Hop entries: click here.

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