Thursday, January 9, 2014

Instructor Perspective: The Aerial Diaries. Teaching and Training

I've been teaching my new aerial program for the past several weeks now.  Things have been going fairly well.  I'm finding the adjustments I've made to be worth it as my students are enjoying their class.  One of the key changes I made to the program was smaller class sizes.  I've also shifted my focus towards quality, not quantity.  Who ever introduced that concept within the aerial community was genius.  It's something I've taken to heart and implemented after deep consideration.  If it wasn't for that valuable insight, my program may have taken a completely alternative path to the road I've found myself to be happy with.  I've seen a greater progression among the skills I've been presenting compared to my previous teaching experience.  I just spent the past couple of weeks researching and putting together class lesson plans for both pole and aerial work.  It's been an enlightening experience to explore different kinds of movement.  I really enjoyed being able to work through concepts and figure out how each piece works with my own body and how I would break down the moves into attainable movement for every skill level.  I also had the opportunity to travel and work with another aerialist.  I've been working on the skills I learned from my private lesson.  This weekend I'm also taking a workshop to learn more aerial technique for partner work.  I'm excited to try out some more skills I've yet to experience.  There is a lack of community here so finding a partner ready for partner work is hard to come by.  My aerial instructor I took a recent private lesson with is making the trip and going to be my partner.  I'm excited she is coming so that she will know my level of progression for my next private lesson.  I will write a follow up blog to highlight my experience from this weekend.  Thanks for reading about my journey.  I look forward to writing more blogs about my aerial experience as I embark on teaching a new program this year. 

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