Thursday, May 19, 2016

Monthly Pole Challenge Update: May 2016 Week 2

This week I decided to take a little break from my current participation in all pole and aerial activities.  On Monday night I went for one of my monthly massages.  I ended up being a month over due since I have been working on getting my outside landscaping and living space situated the past six weeks.  During my massage, my therapist informed me I had some edema on my right posterior knee.  She thought it was around the ACL.  Being the super cautious person I am about my knees, I decided to treat the area with the standard RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) treatment for a few days.  I haven't been having any pain in the area in question.  I do know I have been pushing my forward splits a lot lately in my pole activities as I've been trying to flatten my jade.  If I've sprained the ACL, I believe this may have been the cause.  For my Tuesday night fitness activity, I opted for some beginner yoga with

I've talked about DoYogawithMe in a past blog post.  For those of you unfamiliar with DoYogawithMe, it is a website full of hundreds of free online yoga videos for all levels of practice.  There are videos of various lengths from ten minutes to an hour and a half.  You can choose any level of the workout you want from beginner through advanced and prenatal.  Since DoYogawithMe is a community where knowledge is shared for free, the costs of producing high quality content are dependent on monthly voluntary subscription fees and donations. You can also purchase your favorite videos from the site for your own personal workout collection. 

I've found using the site and workouts for my yoga practice to be beneficial towards implementing yoga into my fitness regimen when I can't participate in a live class or as in this week's situation when I'm still wanting to get in a workout while giving myself an active rest day.  The video I used for my Tuesday night workout was a beginner Full Body Hatha Flow with instructor Anastasia Hangemanole. The workout was a nice relaxing practice accompanied by the sounds of the ocean.  The most challenging of the poses in this particular video are performing extended triangle and dancer pose.  I did my yoga practice prior to bedtime and afterwards I felt relaxed and was able to fall asleep quickly. 

If you haven't checked out DoYogawithMe, I highly recommend it as a great supplemental workout to change up your routine or if you're just getting started with yoga.  If you've been using DoYogawithMe, please feel free to share your favorite video links in the comments below! As always, thank you for visiting my blog!

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