Tuesday, May 10, 2016

One Minute on Instagram!

This is pretty big news for the pole and aerial community!  Instagram now allows users to upload videos up to one minute long.  I have been a huge fan of the social media platform of Instagram and it's ability to allow me to search through an endless video collection of pole and aerial.  I have drawn a lot of my own training inspiration from many posts.  Lately I've gotten involved with more of the community challenges that Instagram users have created.  As I was scrolling through my feed this weekend, I came across a post by Leigh Ann Reilly, owner and instructor at Be Spun in Los Angeles, California, where she announced she will now be posting one minute tips in honor of Instagram's increased video time.  I thought this was a great use of the new time allotment for users and felt I had to share with my readers so they wouldn't miss out on these amazing tips for pole fitness! Check out Leigh Ann's recently posted videos below.

Click to view video 1:
Click to view video 2:

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