Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fitness Tracker Change Up

My Fitbit Flex was working fine for the last 23 months- until it wasn't.  It stopped syncing to the app and was determined to be officially dead.  I did a little research on the current fitness trackers on the market offered through Fitbit so I could take advantage of the 25% off discount code they sent me. However, none of the trackers were very appealing to me for both features and price.  I'd been a previous Jawbone Up Move user and I decided to return to using my all time favorite tracker once again.  I ordered an Up Move tracker from Amazon.  In the meantime, to stay on track with my Employee Wellness Program goals of 10k+ steps per day, I downloaded a free pedometer app to my phone.  All I really need in a tracker is to be able to keep track of my step count.  An additional bonus to using a tracker for me is the sleep tracking feature and exercise log.  I really enjoyed the user friendly device that Jawbone offers.  I am hoping my new tracker will live up to the quality of my previous tracker's experience. 

I received my tracker quickly after purchasing from Amazon.  Everything worked wonderfully fresh out of the box.  Last week I was browsing fitness trackers online and it occurred to me that not many people use the Jawbone trackers anymore since their peak in popularity just three years ago.  It was then that I discovered news articles from mid-2017 stating that Jawbone had gone out of business.  While the tracker I have is still working, I wonder how long the app will continue to function and the tracker will continue doing what I need it to do? So for now, I am going to continue to enjoy using my tracker until I am no longer able to.  It's such a shame because I really like the product.  It just appears that for whatever reason, Jawbone couldn't keep up with the competitive demands of the fitness tracker market.  So far, the tracker lives up to the quality I had previously experienced as a Jawbone user.  I will continue to keep my eyes open in the meantime for a similar simplistic device that does not require me to wear on my wrist for my inevitable future tracker purchase.  So if you're in the market for a cheap short term fitness tracker, then it appears the Jawbone Up Move tracker may be just for you. 

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