Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome to Pole Harmony: Dance Fitness for Mind & Body Wellness

The past couple weeks have been very busy for me! A few weeks ago, I finally found a space to open my own studio.  I'd been through several set backs with multiple landlords and commercial realtors and was getting very discouraged.  I decided to return to an earlier proposition that was presented to me early in my quest for the perfect location to open my business.  With a little bit more research and agreement from the landlord, we were able to work out the perfect situation and put into motion the birth of Pole Harmony.

This past Monday, July 8th, I officially began offering classes to the public as Pole Harmony, LLC.  It was the perfect way to start off the second annual United Pole Artists annual Bringing Sexy Back celebration! Although, I have yet to post a sexy inspired pole dance video in honor of the event (I'm hoping that will be coming soon!)  I've had several students this past week and have been amazed at how quickly they have caught on.  I'm really excited to be starting this new journey in my life and happy to be back teaching at what I truly love.  So without further ado, I present to you: Pole Harmony.

"Pole Harmony offers women’s only pole dancing for fitness classes for women ages 18 years of age and older. Pole Harmony is located and operated within INdy SHAPE Fitness Studio on Indianapolis’ south east side. Classes include beginner level pole dancing, pole themed dance classes for intermediate to advanced levels, a selection of specialized aerial classes and a variety of cardio infused group fitness style classes offered by INdy SHAPE’s certified instructors . Additional services include studio rental for instructor lead parties for special events such as bachelorette, birthday, and ladies night celebrations."

 The above picture is of the studio and poles.  The poles are Xpole brand, 45mm, and 12 feet tall.  Pole Harmony is the only studio in Indianapolis to offer a full studio of 45mm poles at 12 feet tall with the option to spin.  I have had several people working on competitions contact me about using the space for their competition practice which I am happy to provide accommodations.  We offer open studio sessions open to competitors for $12/hour.  If interested in utilizing Pole Harmony for competition training, my only request is to either call the studio or email with your name and letting me know you're signing up for one of the many open studio sessions so I will know you need to bypass the required intro classes in the online booking system.   

For the first couple of weeks, the Pole Discovery intro classes will dominate the schedule.  After the first couple of weeks, the regular schedule for summer semester will be in effect with Pole Discovery intro classes on Mondays at 8pm and Saturdays 9am.  There will also be a beginner pole workshop 4 week series for students wanting to expand on beginner level curriculum.  This is not mandated and is completely an optional addition to the already existing classes.  The classes at Pole Harmony are a pay as you go format.  Sign up online when you want to come or commit to a monthly membership.  The flexibility of offerings and scheduling at Pole Harmony allows you to develop a workout plan and schedule that will suit your individual needs for maintaining motivation.  If you are financially motivated then the unlimited monthly membership will be perfect for getting you to dedicate yourself to a healthy and fit lifestyle through dance.  You may cancel your membership at any time if for any reason life circumstances interfere and renew just as easily when you're ready to get back at it.  You are in complete control of your workout at Pole Harmony when it comes to scheduling.  If there's a certain day or time you'd like a class, then we can rearrange the class schedule.  Any schedule changes will occur on a semester basis.   Our next schedule of classes for the fall semester will begin October 1, 2013.  Please submit any suggestions or requests for classes prior to Monday September 16th (the Monday 2 weeks before new semester goes live).   

Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with Pole Harmony, the latest addition to the Indianapolis pole dancing for fitness and aerial community!  I look forward to this new path on my pole journey and can't wait to see where it all goes.