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July 2017 Pole Dancing and Fitness Challenges

Updated 7/1/2017😊

Starts this weekend! ・・・ Lotus Fitness Studio July Pole Move of the Day Social Media Challenge starts today! RULES: πŸ’œ1- Follow Lotus Fitness Studio on Instagram or Like us on Facebook πŸ’œ2-Like the picture/video of the day πŸ’œ3- Post picture/video of move of the day to FaceBook and/or Instagram and tag or mention Lotus Fitness Studio (using @lotusfitnessstudio #lotusfitnessstudio and #lotusjulychallenge) We will be tracking posts and tags daily and at the end of the month randomly select 3 winners. Multiple entries allowed, the more times you enter the higher your chances of winning. Winners will be notified through social media Winners picture/videos will be reposted on Lotus Fitness Studio Social Media Pages. 3 WINNERS/PRIZES: πŸ’œ1- Local Non-Member will win a Day Pass to the Studio πŸ’œ1- Local Member will win one Pole private Lesson πŸ’œ1- Non-Local winner will win a Lotus Tank Top (shipped within the U.S. only) We will be posting pics/video examples each day of the listed moves. Have fun and good luck! #lotusfitnessstudio #lotusjulychallenge #polechallenge #julypolechallenge #instagramjulychallenge #instargrampolechallenge #unitedbypole #poledance #poledancing #polelove #poledancersofig #poledancersofinstagram #playtowin #orlandopole

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#repost πŸ˜ƒ Give me all the challenges! Lol • Announcing #YogisWhoBalance 01-10. of July Join us for 10 days of balancing joy! We will bring you new beautiful and challengeg poses that you can try and have fun! To participate and be eligible for one of the amazing prizes from our sponsors- 1. Follow and tag all hosts: @yogininheels @elisheva_yoga @bentley.likethecar and @shiziks 2. Follow and tag our amazing sponsors: @Aloyoga @youphoriayoga @anapoenergy 3. Repost this poster along with hashtag #YogisWhoBalance and tag 3 friends to help us spread the word! Be sure your profile is set to public, post daily, and tag all hosts! @yogi.maggie @healthyhappyellen #yoga #yogachallenge #igyoga #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #yogalove

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Join us a we focus on building up our core for the month of June!!! You can use this as a template and change it up to fit your lifestyle! Training for 2 pack nation baby! Follow my business page @aydholistic to stay up to date with AYD! Here are the instructions for the challenge: Introducing our monthly challenges! (Yayyy fitness). So you may not be able to attend yoga, group runs or other commitments, but ANYONE can take on this challenge! Starting July 1st I will be doing 100 Squats PLUS 10- 30 second planks. Why not join me with something you can do anytime anywhere! My plan is to do 10 Squats (active time) 1- :30 sec plank between (active rest) and alternate until complete! To join, add our business page @aydholistic and repost this flyer. Also, don't forget to tag us along with #AYDHolistic #AYDHsummerchallenge. So, what do you recieve besides a nice butt and core you may ask? Well, tagging us and performing daily will make you eligible for an Asase Ye Duru Holistic gift bag!! Hosted by @butterflytypelife #blackgirlsworkout #fitnesschallenge #summerbody #buttngut #coreworkout #glutesworkout #AYDHOLISTIC #fitness #blackmagick #blackvegan #blackfitness #Louisiana #louisiannavegan #community #blackcommunity #nola #batonrouge #layfayette

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Achieving 10k or more steps a day should be a consistent goal every month. Join me this month for a #fitbitchallenge

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Are you ready?!? The July IG challenge will be full of tips for splits and I'm calling it #readyforspready! I'm very excited about this months super cute and inspirational sponsor @ponypoisonmemes! YOU DON'T NEED TO BE ABLE TO DO THE SPLITS for this challenge and you could win a custom digital art piece by @ponypoisonmemes! Here's how it works... Follow along with this challenge and you'll see 30 different training ideas to help you improve your splits or work towards them! Don't forget if you need more help you can find full length lessons on either my website studioveena.com or pole dance app (pole dance lessons by Veena) for most daily posts. Want even more help? Check out my 30 days to flexy program found on my website and app. This is a fully guided program with warm ups and all! Last, remember flexibility takes time....always start with a FULL WARM UP then stretch, stay dedicated and you'll see results! Here's how to play: πŸ¦„1. Share this post πŸ¦„2. Tag some friends πŸ¦„3. Follow and Tag both myself and @ponypoisonmemes each time you share so we can cheer you on! πŸ¦„4. Post as often as you can for a chance to win at the end of the month! Have funπŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„ #studioveena #veena #challenge #julychallenge #polersofig #flexibility #yoga #flexy #spready #pole #beginner #polechallenge #poledanceapp #polefitness #exoticpole #splitschallenge #splits #splitstraining.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Repost Blog: This blog was originally posted October 17, 2013.  Lately I've been forced into resting.  I've had to attend to a medical complication for my beloved little dog and at the same time, I experienced some medical issues of my own.  For the past few weeks I haven't been able to put together blogs like I have wanted to. I felt like it was the perfect time to revisit an important topic I have previously touched base on.  Rest.  Being the summer time, it's a good reminder while we are all out in the heat, traveling, or stressing out over our crazy changed up routines, that resting is welcomed and always good to embrace- even if we don't think our body needs it. 

While reading the book Vertical Athlete: Fundamentals in Training for Pole Fitness and Dance, I noticed a common theme throughout the reading that I felt was of particular importance.  The concept of rest.

Rest? It's almost unheard of in today's fast paced high tech society.  We're always on the go, doing something, multitasking, thinking two steps ahead, ready for what's next.  Now a days, many people would laugh and ask the rhetorical question- what is rest?

Well, I decided to go ahead and ask my Bing search engine this exact question and lo and behold, it did not let me down:

Definition of rest (n)

Bing Dictionary

rest [ rest ] 1.stopping of work or activity: a state or period of refreshing freedom from exertion

2.sleep: the repose of sleep that is refreshing to body and mind and is marked by a reduction in metabolic activity

3.absence of movement: the cessation of movement or action

The CDC has conducted recent studies indicating the United States has a problem with insufficient sleep and warns it is a public health problem.  Anyone not living in a cave is probably already well aware lack of sleep in today's society is a problem.  But how does this concept relate to your workout?  More specifically,  pole dancing? 
Freel (2013) depicts the relation of rest to pole dancing as being integral to the body's overall performance.  Without an adequate rest phase, the body is unable to recover and subjected to an increased risk for injury.  This makes sense when it's spelled out, however to actually engage yourself in rest is easier said than done.  Over the years, I've done a lot of self learning and seeking out additional information. Early on in my pole journey, I found a network of supportive fellow pole dancing enthusiasts.  One of the earliest concepts I learned was integrating a "Rest Day" into my pole workouts.  Initially this was a day full of doing nothing fitness related.  As I've progressed in my own pole progress and education, I have learned that many consider their "Rest Day" to actually be a day of low-impact activity such as walking and or light stretching.  Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle, therefore continuing your activity on your "Rest Day" and keeping it to a 30 minute walk with some stretching is adequate for your overall health.  To honor the true meaning of "Rest Day", it is also important that you make it a point to get enough sleep.  Take that extra 30 minutes to an hour you would have spent working out and add it on to your bedtime by reading a book or any other type of winding down relaxing activity.  Your body will thank you and your progress will continue to evolve within your pole journey.  Feel free to comment below and add your suggestions for what you do with your "Rest Day" and winding down to sleep activities. 

Resources: Freel, B. (2013). Vertical Fitness: Fundamentals of Training for Pole Fitness and Dance. Anchorage, Alaska: Poler North.   CDC (2013). Insufficient Sleep is a Public Health Epidemic. Retrieved from: http://www.cdc.gov/Features/dsSleep/