Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March 2017 Pole Fitness Challenges

Amazing lineup of pole dancing fitness challenges for the month of March. Check out the list below!

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Baby Polerinas Pole Challenge Winter 2017!!! This challenge is specifically created for new pole dancers and pole fitness enthusiasts, non-newbies welcome to participate too! 🌸🌸🌸 Rules: 1. Use hashtag #KendraRen and #babypolerinas2017 for your photos 2. Check my page for each days pose 3. Tag me in your picture so I see it 4. After the 7 days the winner will be featured on my page and get a 10% discount code for @flexilexi_fitness . ❤️ Good luck beautiful ladies and men ❤️ . . #polechallenge #polefitness #polesport #poledance #poledancersofig #poledancersofinstagram #poledancing #polefit #poletrick #poleathlete #polefitnesschallenge #poledancechallenge #challenge #choreography #fitness #fitfam #instafit #challenge #babypolerinas #kendraren #polecommunity #divadenstudio #divaden #tflers #healthy #healthychoices
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Workout Labs Exercise Cards Review and February Body by Pole Circuit Routine

I got a pack of the WorkoutLabs Women Exercise Cards as a gift for Christmas.  I already have the Yoga cards which I reviewed in my Workout Labs Yoga Cards Review blog post. The exercise cards are smaller in size compared to the Yoga cards which make them compact and easy for travel.  They have the same design elements- one side of the card shows an illustrated pose of the exercise with the name of the exercise at the top of the color coded card.  On the back of the card is information about the muscle/muscle groups the exercise focuses on, how to properly do the exercise, and modifications.  All exercises in the pack are non-equipment exercises.

For my first workout with the cards, I decided to do a circuit style routine.  For an equipment style circuit routine, check out my January circuit blog post Body by Pole. Each exercise I completed 10 reps for 3 rotations. See picture below for exercises in this routine. I did use my 3lb. ankle weights for this routine.

1. Modified push-ups x 10
2. Donkey Kicks each leg x 10 with  3lb. ankle weights
3. Fire Hydrants each leg x 10 with 3lb. ankle weights
4. Lying Leg Raise x 10 with 3lb. ankle weights
5. Alternate Heel Touchers x10
6. Bicycle Crunches x 10


 Keep hydrated. Also make sure to take your time during each exercise's repetition.  Think "slow and controlled."  Fight the urge to rush through the workout.  Start each routine with a warm up and end with a cool down. 

***DISCLAIMER: Always consult with your physician prior to starting any fitness routine.***


 I found the cards easy to use and convenient for putting together a quick routine.  The exercises I picked seemed fairly easy and with the addition of the ankle weights proved to provide a beneficial workout that targeted key areas such as legs, arms, and core.  The number of reps were appropriate for each exercise as I started to struggle by round 3 of the rotation.  I arranged the exercise cards so they would make sense for easy transition from one exercise to the next.  The Donkey Kicks and Fire Hydrants were rough on my table top arm position and left me feeling like in addition to the lower body focus, I also got a great workout in the arms. Overall, I really enjoyed using these cards and look forward to putting them to use for many future workouts. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Roku to YouTube for Your Home Fitness Routines

I've got a pretty sweet setup at home now for my workouts.  I set up one of those Roku flash drive connectors into my living room television.  If you're unfamiliar with what a Roku device is, it's basically a streaming media player that lets you setup your television experience how you want it.  You can purchase a Roku device from any retailer that sells electronics.  Walmart.com offers a variety of options for the device for as low as $38. The device I have is a streaming stick with remote. I'm unsure of the specifics of what each device needs and if you're looking into this, I'd advise you do a little bit of research to assure you get what you're looking for and what works for your television. 

Back to how I use the Roku with my home workouts. So the Roku has available streaming apps such as Netflix, Sling TV, Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, and more.  I basically use the YouTube app to stream workout videos on my large screen living room television.  This is another great idea when you're wanting to enlarge a fitness video you would traditionally watch on a laptop or tablet.  YouTube is full of great fitness videos.  My living room has a larger space which has allowed me to enjoy using my BOSU Balance Trainer with BodyFit by Amy, non-traditional fitness routines on the mat, or ideas for using my fitness equipment at home.  Check out the BOSU Balance Trainer and the Yoga Stability Ball Routine videos that I have found below!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fitness Planning 2017

We all have our own system that works for us when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Sometimes we can get in a rut and find ourselves needing to revamp our current system so we can get back on track and avoid falling off the rails of our overall plan.  January is always a time of reflecting on what worked in the previous year and revising those old systems so as to have a better outcome in the coming year's progress. 

After writing my previous blog about life workbooks, I decided to do a little research regarding fitness planners and systems that others have incorporated into their daily lives to keep it all together and on track.

My Current System

I use a general daily planner to write EVERYTHING in.  Doctor appointments, sporting events, family events, home repair appointments- you get the point.  On the monthly calendar view, I will often write out fitness classes and times so I know at a glance when and where I need to be when I sign up for a class.  This doesn't always work out when it comes to the variety of fitness activities I enjoy participating in.  The reason?  I seldom ever include my home workouts.  I have found that when I do write down my fitness plan for the week in my planner that I have been successful in doing all the workouts.  The problem; I don't always write my plans down so one can only assume, that I'm not working out as much or as often as I should. 

New System

I realize its time to make some changes to my system to ensure I am successful in sticking to my fitness plan.  I love doing a variety of fitness activities for my workouts. I used to only do pole fitness as a workout but as I've progressed in my pole work, I've realized that I need to branch out and include a variety of activities to achieve optimal balance. This is where sticking to my plan got tricky.  Since I also work out at home, it was difficult to "pencil in" those non-class fitness sessions.  I took some time to create some print outs that can be used for planning future workouts.  (See templates below).  I made these templates with the idea of laminating the original copies and using a dry erase marker to write down a fitness schedule that can easily be placed on the fridge or in a work out space at home.  By displaying a check list of your intended fitness plan for all those in the family to see, my thoughts were it would help in accountability, fellow family participation, and overall motivation.  Let's get 2017 off to a great start and stay on track in our goals!

Fitness Planning Templates

Monthly Calendar: January 2017 Fitness Planner
Monthly Calendar: Blank Fitness Planner
Weekly Exercise Plan