Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Roku to YouTube for Your Home Fitness Routines

I've got a pretty sweet setup at home now for my workouts.  I set up one of those Roku flash drive connectors into my living room television.  If you're unfamiliar with what a Roku device is, it's basically a streaming media player that lets you setup your television experience how you want it.  You can purchase a Roku device from any retailer that sells electronics.  Walmart.com offers a variety of options for the device for as low as $38. The device I have is a streaming stick with remote. I'm unsure of the specifics of what each device needs and if you're looking into this, I'd advise you do a little bit of research to assure you get what you're looking for and what works for your television. 

Back to how I use the Roku with my home workouts. So the Roku has available streaming apps such as Netflix, Sling TV, Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, and more.  I basically use the YouTube app to stream workout videos on my large screen living room television.  This is another great idea when you're wanting to enlarge a fitness video you would traditionally watch on a laptop or tablet.  YouTube is full of great fitness videos.  My living room has a larger space which has allowed me to enjoy using my BOSU Balance Trainer with BodyFit by Amy, non-traditional fitness routines on the mat, or ideas for using my fitness equipment at home.  Check out the BOSU Balance Trainer and the Yoga Stability Ball Routine videos that I have found below!

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