Sunday, April 29, 2012

Urban Decay Naked Inspired Natural Eye Look

I decided to create a video tutorial with my SHANY Cosmetics Natural Fusion 88 Eyeshadow Nude Palette.  The lighting is a little dark in this video, I apologize.  This is my first video makeup tutorial.   I've been sick and lost my voice, so I had to use music and text to verbalize what I was doing.  Enjoy!

Video Info
Using my SHANY Cosmetics Natural Fusion 88 Eyeshadow Colors Palette, I created a look inspired by Urban Decay's Naked palette. (
This look brightens green/hazel eyes.
I labeled my palette's top row alphabetically, side row numerically.
All makeup brushes used are E.L.F. (
Nails: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color Flashy Fuschia
I lost my voice from being sick so I was unable to speak during this video.
Music is royalty free # Psy Brazil # "Erotic Dream"
All products were purchased with my own money and all content is based on my own opinion. I'm not affiliated with any of the mentioned companies/products in this video.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shany Cosmetics Natural Fusion Nude Palette vs. Urban Decay Naked & Naked 2

After a lot of research, I finally decided on an eyeshadow palette that suited my personal preferences! I'd been contemplating the Urban Decay Naked palette but couldn't fathom purchasing the product for myself given the price ($50.00 USD).  As desirable the Urban Decay palette is, every time I went to the store to make the purchase, I ended up leaving empty handed as when the moment for check out came I doubted my true desires and shrugged it off as being an over hyped product that I really didn't need.  It's eyeshadow, after all.  Yes, the swatches looked pretty on my arm, but more than a few of them I questioned whether I would actually use, let alone like when it's all said and done.   So I spent many late nights researching and came across the Coastal Scents Warm Palette consisting of 88 eyeshadow colors all falling within the neutral warm category.  I almost purchased this palette when I came across an online review of a similar product, the SHANY Cosmetics Natural Fusion Nude Palette.  I'm not a huge fan of the smokey eye with grays, blues, and blacks, therefore my decision was quickly made when I counted how many of the smokey eye colors there were in each and decided on SHANY because it had fewer of the shadows I wouldn't use and more plum colors- which I love to use.   I must say, ever since I got the product, I have been very pleased with the quality and pigmentation of the shadows.  Further more, I also came across an online review where the dupes for both Naked and Naked 2 were revealed in the SHANY Cosmetics palette!  It was this review alone, that helped me solidify my decision.   I figured for only $19.99 USD, if I could get 88 eyeshadows and colors that were dupes for the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2, then I could play around with the colors and decide if eventually I want to upgrade to the actual Urban Decay Naked palette in the future.  If I ended up not liking them, then I'd have saved myself the money by buying this cheaper alternative that also offered other shadows I most likely would use if not any of the Urban Decay dupes.  It was a win win situation.  Below I've attached images of the SHANY Cosmetics palette along with a code I put together which I now use in my own palette to determine where my Urban Decay dupes are located. 
I've also found some products that have made the wear of these eyeshadows better.  As a primer, I've been using E.L.F. eyelid primer (retails $1.00 USD).  I also just started using NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk as a eyelid base.  I did this today with my Half Baked Dupe (A3) and loved the results.  I highly recommend these affordable additions to use along with this palette for maximum results in your shadows.  Overall, I really love this palette and very happy with my decision.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Target Haul Video Blog

I decided to pick up a few beauty related products from Target today and wanted to share! I'll be posting a blog review of these products within the next week after I get a feeling of how I like each of the products I talk about here in this video haul.  Thanks for watching!

Monday, April 16, 2012

What's in my Makeup Bag/Beauty Haul series: Lotions and Primers

 This is the second addition to my What's in my Makeup Bag Series/Beauty Haul, and in this post I'm going to talk about facial moisturizers and makeup primers.   My previous morning routine for face care consisted of putting on a facial moisturizer then proceeding with my day.  Since I've been dabbling in the world of cosmetics, I've come across some products that I've decided to implement into my daily routine.  I'd also like to point out I consider my face to consist of combination type skin.  My forehead has a tendency to get oily, I notice this mainly when I work long hospital shifts.  By the end of twelve hours, my forehead often has a glistening shine that will leave oily residue on my hand if touched.  My cheeks are typically very dry and consist of areas that resembled small abrasions and sun spots.  This is the reason I began my quest for makeup products.  The early years of daily beach naps of sun worshiping circa 2005 have left their permanent marks on my face.  A memento I'd like not to display for all those to see, especially since age spots have never been in style and I no longer reside within close proximity to the sunny beaches I'd grown up on.  So through many nights of research combined with trial and error, I have found some products that I am quite pleased with.

Getting Started....
I start my day with a face wash- I hate to admit this but my previous face wash was a daily exfoliate.  Every day for several years (let's estimate and say five), I would wash my face every morning with St. Ive's Apricot Scrub.  I don't know why I never questioned my actions on this.  I don't think the fact I was using a harsh cleanser on my face every day was even a thought in my mind.  I do believe this may be the reason for the tiny abrasion like areas on my cheeks.  Depending on the cleanser- daily exfoliation can be done.  As long as your cleanser does not feel like you're rubbing sand paper all over your face.  Why I did this to my skin for long, I don't know.  The truth of the matter was, I didn't know any better.  Lesson learned.  It is recommended to exfoliate once or twice weekly.  I've since decided I've done more than my fair share over the course of five years, therefore I've omitted this practice all together.  I now use Cetaphil daily facial cleanser.  I can't remember exactly where I learned about this product but a part of me thinks I actually got the idea from watching Kendra on E! as the camera got a glimpse of her bathroom counter in one of the episodes.  For some reason I remember thinking since she uses it, it must be good.

Skin Rev-er Upper
Now with my freshly cleansed face, I apply my Bare Minerals bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper.  This amazing little product has been a miracle worker for my skin.  Recently because of medication issues, I have experienced unsightly blemishes.  After a week of using this product my skin has cleared up and looks amazing.  I was actually considering trying ProActive until I used this product.  According to the product website, the 2.3 ounce bottle of Skin Rev-er Upper is designed to refresh your complexion with the added benefits of botanicals and glycolic and salicylic acids to prepare skin for flawless foundation application.  Skin Rev-er Upper is formulated for all skin types and without fragrances.  The product comes in a bottle with a pump top and retails for $21.00 USD.  I purchased mine with a Bare Minerals Foundation kit- which I will go into more detail in an upcoming blog post. 

I generally choose one of two facial moisturizers.  Selection one is my indoor days pick.  It's the Cetaphil Moisturizering Cream.  This moisturizer can be thick.  I usually take a small pea sized amount on the back of my hand and work it into all the areas of my face except my forehead.  Since my forehead has a tendency to make KFC look like a dry desert, I opt for no additional moisture in that area. The second option for facial moisturizer is my Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30 Moisturizing Face Lotion. I love this product.  This is the only product with SPF that I have been able to apply to my face without it burning.  This product is gentle, non-greasy, non-fragrant, and formulated for sensitive skin.  This product is light and has smooth application.  Because of the light consistency of this product, I actually will apply this to my forehead area as well.   After some research due to writing this blog post, I discovered Cetaphil has a line of facial moisturizers with SPF.  A new product now available is their Dermacontrol Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30.  This product claims to hydrate, control acne prone skin, and create a matte finish.  In the makeup world, I have learned one key word that goes along with my oil prone forehead and that is "matte" or "mattifying".  Anything that is designed to reduce oil is essential to controlling my unsightly end of the work day skin.  I have decided to add this product to my shopping list and will update with a review in a later post. 

Face Primers
After I've applied my moisturizer, I prep for my foundation with a facial primer.  I have two primers Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer and Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Currently, as I'm writing this blog post, I have only used the Rimmel London's primer.  I figured it works well for my skin, therefore why ruin a good thing? One of the added bonuses to the primer is it reduces pores in conjunction with creating a smooth finish for long lasting foundation wear.  I have heard good things about Smashbox, however I have also heard some people have broken out from the primer.  I've decided to hold off on trying the primer until absolutely necessary or I get bored and decide to give it a go.  I'm sure I'll keep everyone updated on my results and thoughts about the product. 

The Night Time Miracle Product
I've decided to add this product as my night time facial moisturizer.  For the past month, I've been using all natural Coconut Oil as a nightly face cream.  Coconut oil has an enormous amount of known skin and hair benefits.  I have been using Coconut oil on my face as a makeup remover and night time moisturizer, deep conditioning for my hair, and as a nail conditioner.  I initially purchased this product about six months ago to use as a shaving lotion.  After regular post shaving application, I decided to start using the product for it's natural properties to benefit all areas of my skin.  I'm uncertain what product has led to my clearer skin or maybe it's a combination of both the Skin Rev-er Upper and the Coconut Oil but I have noticed an overall improved complexion in the past month since implementing a new skin care regimen. 

 This concludes my lotions and primers blog post.  I hope it was informative and useful for those interested or on a quest for learning about different types of products. I look forward to adding more posts in this series about my makeup collection as well as learning from my readers what products are preferred.  Please feel free to leave me a comment with your favorite products or any questions you may have.  Thanks for reading!

In this series I will introduce what products are in my makeup bag and my personal reviews.  All the products listed have been purchased on my own.  I am not affiliated with any of the companies, all reviews are my personal opinion of my experiences with the products.  Stay tuned for my next article of What's in my Makeup Bag/Beauty Haul series: Concealers and Foundation.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Five Ideas for Getting Out of a Pole Rut

Over the course of your pole journey, it is inevitable that you will experience a period where you go through a pole rut.  This is when your creativity feels as though it has hit a brick wall.  For whatever reason, this is the time where you may feel it becomes necessary you take a break from your pole.  Upon returning to the pole after your pole-cation (pole vacation), you may wonder how to get back into things full swing.  I decided to compile a list of five ideas for those in search of rekindling their romance with their poles.

1.) Whatever it was you did that first got you hooked- revisit that activity.  Whether it was a beginner level pole class or a favorite YouTube video- revisit this activity for old times sake.  By summoning old memories and feelings, this can relight that initial spark you once felt, thus fueling that desire to dance.

2.)  Play your all time favorite tunes.  Something as simple as hearing your favorite jam can get you pumped and ready to dance.  Skip the work out attire and heels- grab that pole and do a simple dance where you shimmy and shake to the beat.  Have fun and let loose.  Feel inspired and free.

3.) Laugh at yourself.  So your last few months on the pole weren't as awesome as your favorite pole dancer's latest online video.  Who cares?  Don't be so critical of yourself and thinking you have to be perfect.  The professionals aren't perfect and they have bad pole days too.  Be silly and laugh to lighten the mood.  You will feel better when you smile.

4.) Turn off the camera. We're pretty stuck on filming ourselves every practice because we might end up doing something awesome like inventing a new move no one has ever done before.  Heavens forbid we forget to hit record on our cameras and miss the once in a lifetime chance to show the world we invented the impossible.  Relax.  You're not pioneering uncharted territory.  Turn off the camera and dance every once awhile for yourself.  Your YouTube audience can wait.  You deserve to treat yourself to a private dance session and enjoy times where it is just you and your pole.

5.) Treat yourself to a new outfit, new heels, new hair style, or a makeover.  Pampering yourself with a beauty treat or materialistic item can be a fun and exciting way to transform your aura by releasing revitalized energy into your dance and the environment around you. 

 Thanks for reading! I hope this helps those that have found themselves in a slump with their dancing.  One of the things I love about pole dancing is how versatile the activity is.  There is always something new and exciting to explore and every dancer has an array of endless possibilities to transform their work outs.  Pole dancing takes time and dedication, which can become overwhelming.  It's okay to take a break when life gets busy or your heart isn't one hundred percent.  The amazing thing about the pole community is that it will always be there when you are ready to come back.  People will always welcome you when you return ready to support you through all the exciting challenges.   Happy poling!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's in My Makeup Bag/Beauty Haul Series

Recently I've become obsessed with finding my very own makeup regimen.  I just turned 28, and have never really known much about or worn a considerable amount of makeup.  Over the past year, I've noticed subtle changes in my skin's complexion.  These changes were enough for me to finally decide to take the plunge into the world of cosmetics. 

Where to begin?  I began my journey online- first starting with Google which then led me to YouTube reviews and makeup tutorials.  Eventually I took my quest to the makeup counter at Ulta.  I have been using a specific brand of foundation makeup for several weeks now and have received multiple compliments on my complexion from friends and family.  Overall, I feel the results have been amazing- not only did the makeup enhance my skin with a glowing complexion, but my skin's blemishes have also cleared up.   I've gotten a lot of questions about what types of makeup I've been using, so I wanted to create a beauty haul blog series to share with my readers the types of products I'm experimenting with to create a gorgeous makeup regimen.

The Bag.  I decided it was time to ditch the tiny excuse for a cosmetic bag that has been reserving space on my bathroom counter.  I figured if my entire makeup routine was to get a makeover then my supplies needed to have a new home as well.  After much research, I decided on a Vera Bradley Happy Snails large cosmetic bag.  The bag is an ideal size for those looking to begin their makeup collection and wanting to keep everything organized in one place.  The inside of the bag is a single compartment lined with a washable insulated plastic.  The bag itself opens and closes easily with a zipper.  I found this bag to be colorful an aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  This bag was the perfect addition to my personal taste and style.  Other bags that made the running for possible choices included the Forever 21 collection.  The Forever 21 bags are very stylish and a great alternative for those not looking to spend a lot.

Sneak Peek of What's in my Makeup Bag :)

In this series I will introduce what products are in my makeup bag and my personal reviews.  All the products listed have been purchased on my own.  I am not affiliated with any of the companies, all reviews are my personal opinion of my experiences with the products.  Stay tuned for my next article of What's in my Makeup Bag/Beauty Haul series: Lotions and Primers.

Monday, April 9, 2012

April Favorites Video Blog Review

My first ever video blog! I decided to do something a little different with this blog post and I'm hoping  to periodically incorporate some more video product reviews specifically for pole dancers.  This first month of favorites includes shoes, makeup, and music. Below the video, I've included all the products/websites mentioned.  All the mentioned products I purchased on my own and nor do I have any affiliation with the companies outside of being a regular consumer. Please feel free to comment or like this video.  Thanks for watching an enjoy!

Favorites List
1. Red/Black patent leather 6 3/4" stilettos SKY309
2. Black/White Criss Cross patent leather 6 3/4" stilettos SKY330
3. Ulta Buff Shimmer Lipstick
4. Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lip gloss Nonstop Glamour
5. Vitamin String Quartet April 2012 Challenge