Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Five Ideas for Getting Out of a Pole Rut

Over the course of your pole journey, it is inevitable that you will experience a period where you go through a pole rut.  This is when your creativity feels as though it has hit a brick wall.  For whatever reason, this is the time where you may feel it becomes necessary you take a break from your pole.  Upon returning to the pole after your pole-cation (pole vacation), you may wonder how to get back into things full swing.  I decided to compile a list of five ideas for those in search of rekindling their romance with their poles.

1.) Whatever it was you did that first got you hooked- revisit that activity.  Whether it was a beginner level pole class or a favorite YouTube video- revisit this activity for old times sake.  By summoning old memories and feelings, this can relight that initial spark you once felt, thus fueling that desire to dance.

2.)  Play your all time favorite tunes.  Something as simple as hearing your favorite jam can get you pumped and ready to dance.  Skip the work out attire and heels- grab that pole and do a simple dance where you shimmy and shake to the beat.  Have fun and let loose.  Feel inspired and free.

3.) Laugh at yourself.  So your last few months on the pole weren't as awesome as your favorite pole dancer's latest online video.  Who cares?  Don't be so critical of yourself and thinking you have to be perfect.  The professionals aren't perfect and they have bad pole days too.  Be silly and laugh to lighten the mood.  You will feel better when you smile.

4.) Turn off the camera. We're pretty stuck on filming ourselves every practice because we might end up doing something awesome like inventing a new move no one has ever done before.  Heavens forbid we forget to hit record on our cameras and miss the once in a lifetime chance to show the world we invented the impossible.  Relax.  You're not pioneering uncharted territory.  Turn off the camera and dance every once awhile for yourself.  Your YouTube audience can wait.  You deserve to treat yourself to a private dance session and enjoy times where it is just you and your pole.

5.) Treat yourself to a new outfit, new heels, new hair style, or a makeover.  Pampering yourself with a beauty treat or materialistic item can be a fun and exciting way to transform your aura by releasing revitalized energy into your dance and the environment around you. 

 Thanks for reading! I hope this helps those that have found themselves in a slump with their dancing.  One of the things I love about pole dancing is how versatile the activity is.  There is always something new and exciting to explore and every dancer has an array of endless possibilities to transform their work outs.  Pole dancing takes time and dedication, which can become overwhelming.  It's okay to take a break when life gets busy or your heart isn't one hundred percent.  The amazing thing about the pole community is that it will always be there when you are ready to come back.  People will always welcome you when you return ready to support you through all the exciting challenges.   Happy poling!

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