Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Body by Pole Fitness Circuit Routine January 2017

I'm getting ready for a new year and as the yearly tradition of new year's resolutions continues, it's time to get back into gear or to get started on a new fitness routine! Where ever you are on your fitness journey, the new year can be a fun time to change things up. Especially if your gym or studio is packed with the new year resolution crowds that thin out by March. 

At Pole Harmony, I used to teach a Body by Pole turned Body by Aerial circuit class.  I have a lot of the equipment at my disposal so I decided to incorporate these routines for the home and share them here on my blog with my readers.  If you don't have these particular items, you can easily purchase them for your own home gym collection or resort to modifications of each of the exercises.  I've included the links to each of the tools I am using.  So let's get started!

Body by Pole Circuit Routine Approx. 25-35 minutes, 3 cycles

1. Lebert Bar Pull Ups x 5

2. Dumb Bell Arm Raises x 10 with 2-5lb weights

3. BOSU squats x 10 each leg

4. BOSU pushups x 5

5. Up and Overs with Stability Ball x 10

6. 3 Pole Pirouettes and Cross Ankle Fireman Spin (both sides)


 Keep hydrated. Also make sure to take your time during each exercise's repetition.  Think "slow and controlled."  Fight the urge to rush through the workout.  Start each routine with a warm up and end with a cool down. 

***DISCLAIMER: Always consult with your physician prior to starting any fitness routine.***

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