Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Februay 2017 Pole Fitness & Yoga Challenges

February 2017 pole and yoga challenges.  I will be adding to this list as I see the challenges pop up online. 

Get ready for February! -------------------------- @PoleintheWineCountryRetreat #PoleNerds February Challenge _____________________ Join us for a chance to win............................................................................... @completepole crop top $25 @badkittyusa gift card 15% off @lupitpole promo code @lupitpole towel and grip 15% off any booking or package with @alloyimages and.............................................................................. 50% off a @poleinthewinecountryretreat 2017 Training Package with Sergia and Natasha Wang _____________________ Make sure to tag: #polenerds #poleinthewinecountry and @poleinthewinecountryretreat _____________________ Hosts: @sergialouise @polecricket @iris.sparrow @poleinthewinecountryretreat _____________________ Sponsors: @badkittyusa @lupitpole @completepole @alloyimages _____________________ Use your pole nerdiness to come up with fun transitions and movement explorations Every day of February let your #polenerd flag fly! Each day you participate is a chance to WIN! 1. fan kicks 2. free dance where one foot never leaves the floor 3. crazy legs 4. transition from the floor to the pole 5. feet on pole moves 6. transition from a genie to an inside leg hang 7. rotations on static pole 8. spinning pole floats and traces 9. heels! 10. splits on the pole 11. transition from brass monkey to a pole sit 12. doubles move 13. transition from shouldermount to a genie 14. twerk! 15. Have a friend choose a freedance song for you that you never would have chosen for yourself 16. elbow holds 17. transition from Allegra to ballerina 18. freedance without touching the floor 19. pirouettes 20. transition from ballerina to jade 21. sexy floorwork 22. spin on static pole 23. handstands! 24. freedance with a prop 25. pole assisted jump 26. transition from a cradle to an outside leg hang 27. drops! 28. creative climb/ascend Poleinthewinecountry.com
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STARTS TOMORROW!! ❤ ___________________________________________ Join us in this amazing month of LOVE as we offer you an accessible guide everyday to achieve self love. We will journey through the body and give you a wealth of knowledge to help you create the mind-body relationship you've dreamed of. We will venture through the 8 limbs of yoga, reflexology, corrective exercise, body image issues, health issues and the importance of self discovery. We have some amazing surprise guest hosts 毋 in store for you each weekend who all believe that knowledge is power. Let us help bring YOU back to your attention and reach your full potential. To join in and be eligible for some rad prizes follow these simple steps: 1. Share this poster 2. Follow the hosts and sponsors 3. Tag #anatomyofselflove , the hosts @weirdomandys @carleebyoga and our generous sponsors when you post so we can see all your entries
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STARTS TOMORROW! Please join us (@katie_yoga1 @yogisoli @gesticulate) as we embark on 10 days of Arm Balancing poses from Feb 1st-10th! This is an all-levels yoga challenge open to anyone, anywhere! We will be posting tips, recipes, videos, and prep poses each day to help you realize your potential on and off the mat. We've teamed up with four generous sponsors who will be giving away prizes to four winners: Sponsors: @yogapaws - Yoga Paws @pineandboon - Handmade Wallet @poethique - Radiance Boosting Serum @byoganow - Yoga Mat Hosts: @katie_yoga1 @gesticulate @yogisoli Poses: Day 1 - Crow Day 2 - Side Crow Day 3 - 8-angle Day 4 - Grasshopper Day 5 - EPK Day 6 - Flying Pigeon Day 7 - Firefly Day 8 - Tolasana Day 9 - Pincha Day 10 - Handstand To be eligible to win awesome prizes from our sponsors: 1. Repost this flyer to your page and tag three friends to join in. 2. Follow and tag all hosts. 3. Follow all sponsors. 3. For each day of the challenge, post a photo or video of yourself trying the prep pose or arm balance with our hashtag #TakeFlightInFeb and tag all hosts. 5. Make sure your profile is public so we can see and comment on your posts! 6. HAVE FUN!
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