Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Beginning of a Journey Through Words

I began Pole Harmony when I was at a cross roads in my life.  I'd left my first pole instructor teaching job due to personal reasons and was developing a relationship with another existing studio.  My options seemed distant at that moment but offered promise only in time.  My desire to teach and continue my journey as a dancer in the art of pole fitness was much stronger than my patience, therefore I created Pole Harmony Studio.  Pole Harmony was more about the prospect of continuing my passion- whether I'd actually teach students or not, the concept of having a beautiful home studio to call my own was much more pleasing and gratifying than whether or not I'd even be a success.  Pole Harmony became my solace, my place to just be.  To be in the moment and dance.  A romance once again rekindled after a devastating decision forced a momentary disconnect.  I went into the decision of creating this place within the comforts of my own home knowing I'd always have an open door for my friends who also wanted to dance through this wonderful journey of pole dancing with me.  I must say, it was one of the best decisions I've made.  So many opportunities have been presented since I created Pole Harmony.  Not only am I enjoying teaching my friends all the benefits of pole dancing for fitness, but I have found a new pole studio to continue to teach others within the community.  I feel as though I am truly at home amongst my new found pole sisters who are exquisite and beautiful dancers  within their own styles that reflect their wonderful personalities through their passion.  I couldn't have asked for a better path to have been led down in my pole journey.  I find myself evolving each day with the exploration of many different types of dance that I have been exposed to since I began working for the new studio.  With every bit of information I obtain, I have found great techniques to incorporate into my teachings.  I currently teach my trademark class Sensuous Flow & Flexibility at the local studio.  Sensuous Flow & Flexibility is a class I created that consists of stretching routines to focus on specific areas of the body to increase flexibility for pole dance performances.  Sensuous Flow & Flexibility also focuses on creating fluidity and flow within dance performances by incorporating a sensual dance warmup that consists of techniques that allow students to discover their flow.  After attending a workshop in the Chicago area at a pole studio close to my hometown, I was invited to come teach my Sensuous Flow & Flexibility class as a workshop.  I'm very excited to be sharing my class with my hometown studio and look forward to the workshop on September 24th.  I have also incorporated Sensuous Flow & Flexibility into my Pole Harmony services which are available via Skype.  I am very pleased with the progress of Pole Harmony in less than three months since I began business.  I look forward to many more opportunities as doors continue to open and hope you will join me as I continue to write about my experiences as my small business Pole Harmony Fitness evolves.

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