Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How the Internet Keeps Me Fit and Friendly

While skimming through the latest forum posts on some of my favorite pole dancing fitness sites, I came across a post about a website community for fitness. This site is basically a general fitness community for people wanting to document their progress and to also “measure up” their progress against others participating in the same fitness activities. A supportive push from your friends. I got to thinking about the online communities I've been involved in with pole dancing and the effects it's had on my workouts throughout the years. It's true, I may not have progressed to the level I am at today if it weren't for the online support and the type of motivation it gave me to keep at it. Watching other women and men pole dancing in their videos was how I got myself motivated to workout. I'd see or read about a move I wanted to try and there was enough motivation to get me into a full on pole workout. Many times I'd make a list of moves I'd gathered from videos and take them to the pole. It's these types of online communities that keep us on track. Motivation is the biggest factor for working out. If you have it, you're getting fit. If you lack motivation, then I'm sure you're well aware of it's negative effects. Whether motivation is being found through an online community or through a live social interaction of being at the gym, the fact is we need motivation in our lives. Motivation from others participating in the same activities as us is the best type of motivation.  Working out with a friend can be rewarding in the type of personal connection that is both healthy for your mind and body. The online communities open a whole world of networking and connections with people we might never have met.  The world of pole dancing has become an amazing supportive community through social networking and it's this sense of community that keeps the sport growing strong.  Those who are truly successful in their fitness goals have support. In the modern day of fitness, the Internet has proven for many, including myself, to be an amazing source of motivation.

Below is a list I compiled from a quick Google search on general fitness sites and also a few specialty focused online communities. After my online search, I discovered that no matter what your choice of fitness activity, there is most likely to be an online community where you can further your knowledge and receive the necessary support to keep you motivated.
Online Fitness Communities:

Pole Specific Online Communities:

Hooping Online Community:


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