Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Fitness Fad of Weight Loss Programs

I was watching Dr. Phil today and was introduced to one of the latest in the ever growing popular fitness programs, The Pink Method. The Pink Method is a weight loss program specifically for women. The program offers work out regimens via DVDs with nutritional support and online interaction to track your progress and dedication. This concept has become quite popular, simply because it's working for so many people. There are many other programs out there offering the same support systems. P90x is another popular home exercise program. It allows the participant to use the program and cater the work out specifically to meet individual needs. Participants can even take a test to determine if the program is right for them.

Many of these programs offer an instant gratification to a weight problem, however the desired effect require a lot of dedication and self discipline. The desired effect also requires more than just doing the program. The program introduces a lifestyle change. In order to maintain a healthy state of body and mind, the participant must make a complete lifestyle change with incorporating dietary and activity habits. With continued exercise and healthy dietary habits, the hard work one puts into the program can be maintained.

The downside to some of these programs are the at home aspect. Participants must have the will power to initiate, perform, and maintain the program. The online support does help, however for some this may not be a reliable method. Some people may require a more personal experience. Another downside to the at home programs are the repetitive exercises. Many programs offer a variety of DVDs each offering a different work out. The repetitive usage of these DVDs can create a monotonous work out creating boredom with the program and failure of the participant to continue.

An increasing trend among pole fitness studios have transitioned to offering similar programs which enable participants the push and support they need to maintain the program to reach their fitness goals. Women can now take part in the fun and sexy work outs offered at pole dancing studios- all with the nutritional support and information necessary for success. A pole fitness studio has the ability to offer fun and exciting forms of alternative exercise- letting the participant take part in a sexy dance routine that otherwise would never have been thought of or considered with the idea of exercise. As the pole industry changes from just anyone can teach pole to implementing standards of instructor and fitness certifications- the average woman can feel comfortable in knowing that her needs are being addressed by educated professionals that can support her in reaching her goals. However, it still holds true that when searching for a pole studio you must do your research and understand not everyone is trained or has taken formal educational courses to support the information they are providing you. This is a practice that with increased movement towards the importance of knowledge within the community will bring a better awareness of the unsafe practices of many studios to encourage them to seek out opportunities that will benefit the community as a whole. Until then, if you feel as though you need a guided support then make sure the credentials of your program are suitable to your needs. Following a program through a pole studio can open so many doors to a healthier new you that gives you the power to take control of your own health.

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