Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breathtakingly Beautiful...

I wanted to share this video and article via my own blog because I feel like there is a deep inspirational message here worth sharing.  I'm blown away by the beauty, sensuality, and confidence this woman portrays through her movement and the story within the article clearly depicts the realities of struggle and life. This video has stirred up quite a controversy. Read article here.

.....Now I feel like slipping on a pair of lace boy shorts and a sports bra of my own and turning on the fireplace while my husband sleeps and rolling out my mat for my own sensual yoga practice- quite possibly why I identified so much with this video- it's completely raw and REAL.  The image portrayed is everything yoga embodies for women- strength, control, confidence, sexiness, and health.  I want to be this woman.  I want that euphoric feeling as my body detoxifies. To feel that balance in that moment of serenity.  It's a powerful force worth identifying with.

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