Sunday, February 19, 2012

Aerial Silks Workshop

Today I got to work and attend our first aerial silks workshop at the studio!  The turn out was amazing!  Professional aerialists/circus performers Rachel Findley and Rob Sokolick from Forms in Motion in Chicago came down to Pole Up, LLC in Indianapolis and introduced the world of aerial silks to twelve lucky and determined ladies.  The group was mixed in their level of abilities.  Everyone did an amazing job at tackling the challenges the silks presented them.  It was so much fun watching everyone progress and pick up the material as they were taught.  The majority of the material they taught, I have included in my own teaching curriculum so it was really cool to see how things were presented to the students.  I took a lot of pictures for everyone- which can all be viewed on the studio's facebook.  Overall the experience was a very good one, I think we all learned a lot and I look forward to sharing all my hard work and research with everyone very soon as I begin to teach the aerial silks program at the studio.  

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