Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dancing is a Journey...

It's been awhile since I've written about anything "dance" related.  I have been very distant in the past couple of months in regards to the pole community.  For multiple reasons that none of which I'm not quite sure of as being the one specific reason, but I have found myself to have grown bored with the pole community.  I also felt like keeping up with all that has been going on just left me feeling drained.  I was becoming restless when it came to the trend I was seeing within the pole community and the lack of dancing that has become the "art" form.  Sometimes taking a break is what one truly needs.  I have continued to teach my students and have been quite content with being involved locally to help the pole/aerial community grow.  I have also found other areas within the local dance community where I've been able to experience performing opportunities that will allow me to grow as a dancer.  I decided to concentrate on aerial work and was presented with an opportunity to audition for an upcoming show featuring an aerial piece.  I'm excited to announce that I have been cast in the show which will premier in November.  In addition to rehearsals, I have been taking mandatory Modern Technique classes twice a week and will be beginning a Ballet class this Tuesday.  I'm really excited to be involved in something unique that will help me grow artistically in my dancing.  I'm learning that dancing can be full of exciting experiences, each a journey of it's own worth the hard work and determination it took to get there. 

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