Wednesday, June 19, 2013

IT'S OFFICIAL! I'm a studio owner.

Over the past several months, I have been VERY busy.  I decided a few months ago that the options of my now previous instructor position were very limited in my ability to teach and grow, therefore I came to the conclusion early on that other options existed and I would dedicate my time and energy towards pursuing those options.  It's been a wild ride of learning the ins and outs of business.  And it's all paid off.  I have joined forces with an existing fitness studio where I will offer pole fitness classes as the entity Pole Harmony, LLC.  I am super excited to pursue this independent path of owning my own studio.  The space I will be renting has the ability for me to expand in my teachings and take full advantage of everything the aerial arts has to offer. Since announcing Pole Harmony, LLC, I have found myself submerged in the glory of business ownership.  The response has been phenomenal for the area I have chosen and I look forward to working with all the future students by introducing to them this dance form that I've had a deep passion and long standing dedication to for the past five years.  This year's pole anniversary holds a much more meaningful celebration for me as not only will I be celebrating five years of pole dancing for fitness, I will also be celebrating my business opening in the same month.  It's been a wonderful five years full of ups and downs.  If anything through all the persistence, I've learned that there are always options and never to let anyone hold me back from pursuing my passion. 


  1. Congrats to you fulfilling your dreams! :) And yeah i totally agree no one should hold us back from pursuing our passion! ^^