Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let's Talk About Knees

A delicate area of the body that is used for practically every form of movement in the dance arts.  Yes, I'm referring to the knees.  In pole dancing, we do a variety of moves that involve applying pressure to the knee area.  In my classes, I teach my students how to avoid creating uncomfortable bruising and sore knees during floor work and pole moves, however even the best of instructors can agree that no matter how many times you preach the proper technique, you will still find many students don't have the necessary strength to properly distribute their weight every time they attempt to implement said proper technique.

There are tricks we teach to increase strength in areas that assist dropping pressure into your knees.  The whole point of coming to specialized dance classes is to learn these techniques.  I don't expect my students to walk in the door fully capable of initiating these techniques right away.  They take practice which over time builds the necessary strength that will allow them to effortlessly experience movement while protecting their precious knees.  Protecting your knees is extremely important for the longevity of your dancing career.  This is why at Pole Harmony, we have made it our mission to provide safety measures for our students when it comes to going the extra length of promoting body awareness and safety. 

Through our dedication for promoting body awareness and safety for the knees we have done research on exercises that focus on conditioning stronger muscles surrounding the knees and invested in equipment that will fully protect our student's knees during floor work or movement that may be stressful to the areas of and surrounding the knees.  We hope by implementing protective devices into our practice will create an environment that continues to be accepting of personal safety.

Interested in investing in your own pole dancing specific knee protectors?  Mighty Grip, a pole dancing fitness equipment distributor, currently sells knee protection pads with tack and open back to allow dancers to enjoy an effortless and painless floor work to pole transition.  The knee protectors come in a variety of sizes based on height and weight.  At Pole Harmony, we currently utilize Mighty Grip Knee Protectors in our classes for students that want the extra protection for their knees as they develop the necessary strength and technique for protecting their knees in dance.  We have found these knee protectors to be of high quality in their durability and added the desired level of comfort for protection in all of our floor work moves in our Pole & Flow, Sensuous Flow & Flexibility, and Pole Foundations series classes. For more information on purchasing these knee protectors, please visit Mighty Grip's online distribution catalog

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