Friday, July 25, 2014

PDBA July Blog Hop: The Mid Year Review

I was inspired by this image provided by the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association to write more in depth about the path of discovery I have traveled this year in regards to personal and business endeavors.  It's hard to believe 2014 is half way through.  I feel like it was just January.  As I look back, the past 6 months have trended towards discovering focus in both my personal and professional life.

Personally, I've paid less attention to negative influences and found myself to be more at ease and better able to concentrate on what I'm doing more.  It's been a liberating experience to let go of members of the aerial community that don't fit my idea of an uplifting and positive environment.  In any performing arts community, negativity can be intense and overwhelming.  It happens in the most creative environments when strong personalities come together- especially in such a competitive industry like aerial arts.  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of positive experiences and energy too, unfortunately it's the negativity that will take the spotlight in many situations.  I've witnessed a strong movement by fellow close friends who have also begun surrounding themselves with kindred spirits. The results have been amazing with so much energy and love for life's experiences and learning opportunities.  This personal influence has also trickled over into my business agenda.

Owning a business is an ongoing learning process.  One thing I absolutely love about owning my own business is all the ideas I generate are my own.  I love the freedom of letting the business evolve. In just a week, I'll be hosting my first student showcase.  Throughout the process of rehearsals, I've been so amazed by the strength and achievements of my students in their practice.  I've discovered strength within myself through the pride I feel for their accomplishments.  Through this experience, I have discovered the sense of community and empowering each other through support as being an integral part of what Pole Harmony is all about.  The harmony or balance within one's self and all the fitness disciplines and aspects associated with aerial dance is much more clearly understood to me now than it was when Pole Harmony began.  Existing and excelling independently is not possible without the encouragement of others and the supplemental details that attribute to one's personal progression.  Pole Harmony can't exist without all the elements that make it whole.

With each passing day, I watch my students grow as they become stronger internally and externally.   The pole and aerial life has become more about the journey for me.  As I'm teaching, I'm also learning.  This learning process has been an amazing journey that fuels my passion of pole and aerial dance.  One thing I've discovered about the pole industry, as represented out there among social media outlets, is it is not flawless.  Yes, the pictures and videos out there may appear to be, but there's a lot of hard work and years that have gone into those representations.  I've been pole dancing for six years now and I just recently performed my first ever flawless (in my own overly self critical opinion) artistic piece.  It was hard for me to compile so much strength and flow into one 5 minute long song.  5 minutes of choreography in an art form that requires so much total body commitment from  both mind and body can seem like an eternity.  I applaud those that share and represent for whatever level they may be- day 1 or 1,000.  Each and every representation takes hard work worth appreciating.

So what have I discovered this year? In summary:
  • I have discovered it's okay to rid myself of those who just tear me and others around them down.
  • I have discovered my business is a sanctuary. A place to safely evolve.
  • I have discovered my brand is supportive empowerment.
  • I have discovered my blog is a platform to educate and express my passion for apparatus style dancing.
  • I have discovered my pole life is not about teaching but more about learning.
  • I have discovered the pole industry is not flawless but regardless of it's level of perfection, every detail and moment is an accomplishment and deserves to be applauded as we would for the best version of the end result.  
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