Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lifestyle Blog: A Meditation for a Restful Night of Sleep

Why is it that when we wake up in the morning we're so tired but when its time for bed we're all energized and ready to go?  Every once in awhile, I'll experience an energy rush at bedtime and find myself unable to fall asleep.  Back in May, I wrote about using www.DoYogawithMe.com as a means to supplement my yoga work outs when I couldn't attend a class.

After perusing all the available content on the website, I came across a sleep meditation called Yoga Nidra for Sleep.  The sleep meditation audio can be listened to for free on www.DoYogawithMe.com or you can purchase the audio for your phone/music playing device for $3.00 USD . Yoga Nidra for Sleep is a twenty-two minute meditation that guides you through relaxation to help you fall asleep.  Every time I have used this meditation it has been successful.  I find myself having a restful night of undisturbed sleep.

Some tips for making the most out of your restful experience that I have incorporated include wearing an eye mask (I've conditioned my body for sleep by using my eye mask to close out all light sources), lavender essential oil in a diffuser, and/or an epsom salt bath with relaxing bath salts as a part of your night time relaxation routine.  The epsom salt bath comes in handy when sore achy muscles from a work out are preventing your body from reaching a state of relaxation.  Rest is so important to our overall health.  It can be difficult to wind down at the end of the day, especially if you've experienced a highly stressful day.  I wanted to share this amazing meditation with my readers in hopes that you all may benefit from it as much as I have.  I've included the meditation in this post down below. I hope you enjoy and sweet dreams! ~*

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