Tuesday, March 6, 2018

#FortheLoveofPole February 2018 Challenge Report Card

This past month I decided to host my own version of a pole challenge on my Instagram.  Since February was a short month, I figured it would be easy to tackle a challenge and commit to daily pole workouts.  My challenge rules were to pole dance for a minimum of 15 minutes every day.  From the start, I knew I was going to be unable to participate for 4 days as I was going to be on a ski trip.  So to recap my motivation and efforts, I averaged 13/24 days of participation or 54%.  If this were the standard letter grading scale, I'd have an F on my report card. 

I think what matters most is how I am coming away from this challenge and how I feel.  I feel like the ski trip really killed my motivation.  I started out strong and then slacked off.  Despite this month being fairly busy, I think my participation was decent.  There were a few nights where I opted to be lazy as opposed to doing the challenge.

What I'm taking away from this challenge:
  • I got back into poling after having been on an unintentional hiatus since July of 2017.  (Way too long to not touch the pole!)
  • I was able to explore some dance techniques and movement to step outside of my traditional go to dance moves.
  • I had fun.
  • This challenge left me feeling good about my dancing.
  • I got in some great cardio!
Overall, I think what matters most about doing these online challenges is that you are able to do them at your own pace and do them as a fun way to stay in touch with your pole.  It's easy to get bored and flake out on your fitness. I never intended to go so long without dancing on the pole.  As I'm entering  a new month, my fitness goals will be on hiatus due to some necessary medical treatments.  I'm hoping to take this next month for recovery, self-love, and healing.  Thank you to everyone who participated with me in my February #FortheLoveofPole challenge. 

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