Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Aerial Class Structure

Prior to having surgery, I was brainstorming ideas about how to change up my aerial teaching style to implement a strategy for injury prevention. I dubbed this technique the "post warm up cooling phase training theory" in my recent blog post: Aerial Silks Teaching Technique: The Mid-Class Warm Up? I've decided that once I return to teaching my aerial class, I am going to use a new format for my teaching that makes use of a class structure that keeps particular areas of the body warm for continuous training and injury prevention.  Since I work best with putting my ideas into writing and working with a format, I've decided to draft out a plan that I can easily enter key elements into based on the skills being worked on for any given class. 

  • WARM UP: 5-10 minutes head to toe dynamic movement
  • CONDITIONING: Climb Drills
  • STRETCH: Mix of dynamic and static based stretches specific to the body areas for skills section
  • SKILLS (The following steps may be repeated for each newly taught skill)
      • Learning: Skills are taught first by observing instructor
      • WARM UP: 2 minute head to toe total body dynamic movement
          • STRETCH: Additional for any areas of focus that cause excess strain particularly for the shoulders/splits skills
      • Active: Students perform new skill set
  • POST SKILLS CONDITIONING: Targets areas not within realm of previous skills focus
  • COOL DOWN: Light mix of head to toe dynamic with heavy static stretches

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