Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Pure Barre On Demand

Pure Barre offers an online streaming membership for $29.99/month.  Your first week is free. With Pure Barre On Demand, you get 24/7 access to a variety of workouts that are categorized as full body, core, lower body, upper body, or a designated time frame to fit your at home workout schedule.  The Pure Barre On Demand service also allows users full access to all the Pure Barre DVDs. 

I decided that since I was unable to commit to a monthly membership at my local Pure Barre studio, I would try out the On Demand feature so I could still enjoy this style of workout in my weekly fitness routine.  I already have all the essential equipment necessary to make the On Demand classes work so I figured this was the best option for me.  (Modern technology for the win! 💪🙌)

On Demand offers a free intro class that is a 52 minute video where the first 5 minutes is talking about the concept of the method followed by technique and their own specific language terms used during their workouts.  The actual introductory workout starts at 5:00 on the video.  I highly recommend viewing this video and giving it a try if you're curious about starting this style of workout in the studio or at home.  This intro class is very similar to the classes I have taken at the studio.  Sometimes the live classes can be quick and difficult to grasp essential form technique.  After watching this video, I feel like I have a better understanding of some of the things I need to be doing better in each of the exercises I have done in my live classes. 

My On Demand experience has been very positive so far.  I have been using the On Demand classes for two weeks now.  The majority of the classes utilize a wall for support, mat, and/or the double tube resistance band.  I was hoping more classes used the mini ball as a prop since I really enjoy using mine in my workouts.  (I love props when working out). Speaking of props, I have also used my Lebert Equilizer Bars in place of the wall when I need a little more stability. You can also use a chair as a support if you don't have a barre or suitable wall space.

With any type of workout, there are always pros and cons.  Some of the pros for doing the On Demand classes are:
  • being able to do a class at home at any time that is convenient for my schedule
  • picking my workout focus and length of time
  • pausing the video so I don't miss essential cues or rewinding when I need to see or hear something again
  • going at my own pace
  • having access to classes when traveling
  • price - a single class at my local studio is $24 or $99/month unlimited. On Demand classes are unlimited $29.99/month.
Some of the cons for the On Demand classes include:
  • not having the live feedback of an instructor with proper form either when initially performing an exercise or during fatigue phases when I start to disengage my form
  • accountability - this isn't really an issue for me but I have heard others comment on not being able to commit to doing workouts at home because they can't rely on getting themselves motivated
  • not having the space or necessary equipment to adequately participate in the online classes (you really only need a wall or chair for support, band, and light weights- a solvable problem)
As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons list for the On Demand.  While this may not be preferable for some people, I personally really enjoy making use of online classes.  I have been a long time supporter of the online yoga and Pilates classes offered with www.DoYogawithMe.com so I am accustomed to motivating myself to the online workouts.  If anything, I highly recommend the free online intro class for Pure Barre as it gives you an idea of what to expect during a live in studio class if you're wanting to jump on the barre workout bandwagon. 

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