Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant

I've been hearing a lot about switching your deodorant to a natural formula lately.  I decided it was time to look more into products that fall into the classification of natural versus my long time use of commercialized mainstream deodorant I've been using since I was twelve years old.  So what is the real concern about my trusty deodorant that prompted me to seek change?  I've heard a lot of rumors about specific ingredients within deodorant not being very healthy.  These ingredients are aluminum and parabens. Parabens have been linked to cancers while aluminum has been suspected of being linked to cancer.  There haven't been any substantial studies that have proved the theories of these ingredients being directly related to causing cancer from a deodorant (Antiperspirants Safety: Should You Sweat it?). While there isn't a definitive word on whether or not these products cause harmful affects to your health, it hasn't kept people from opting to make changes in their hygienic products.

I decided to try out a new deodorant and see if there was an advantage to me using something that is marketed as being "more natural."  I found Tom's of Maine Wild Lavender deodorant to smell the most pleasing to me.  The deodorant smells really good when first applied and the fragrance dissipates after a couple hours.  The formula is clear and goes on slightly sticky.  The odor control is not the best as I notice some break through odor.  The product does not leave a thick residue after showering which is something I have noticed with my previous aluminum containing deodorant.

To combat the break through odor, it has been suggested to do an armpit detox treatment.  A friend of mine shared an article with me on how to detox your armpits when switching to a natural deodorant.  The detox claims to help pull out the odor blocking chemicals that are found within aluminum containing deodorants.  These chemicals work to block sweat ducts and prevent perspiration. I haven't tried the detox because I feel like I'm not having an overly noticeable issue with the break through odor.  It's mainly at the end of the day when I notice it and by that time I am already getting ready for bed.  So far the deodorant seems to withstand my aerial workouts especially when adding another application prior to the work out. 

I've decided to continue using the natural deodorant and see how it holds up over time with continued use.  Have you made the switch to a more natural deodorant?  Please feel free to comment about your experience or favorite brands below.  

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