Tuesday, March 3, 2020

On Demand Barre Streaming Services

Until just recently I was all about the Pure Barre On Demand videos and wasn't aware of any other options.  I came across a thread in a Reddit forum for Pure Barre where someone listed a bunch of other barre studios and mentioned those options also offer online workouts.  I decided to do some research and check out all the various offerings I could find for on demand home barre workouts and their prices.  Here is my list that I compiled during my research.

1. Pure Barre GO On Demand $29.99/month

2. Physique 57 On Demand $24.99/month or $249.99/year with 2 months free, *Free 7 day trial.
Website boasts over 100 videos from 15 minutes to their signature 57 minute classes. Video library is broken down in categories for length of workout, targeted body areas, props needed to no prop workouts, levels from beginner to advanced with an additional category for stretching, and by trainer for those who have a favorite instructor and want to explore that particular person's class offerings. Cancel anytime.

3. The Bar Method / Bar Online $19.00/month, *Free 14 day trial
Website boasts workouts range from 15 to 60 minutes. Workouts begin with a quick warm-up followed by weights and push ups to tone arms and shoulders, variations of their signature moves to tone and shape legs, floor work to strengthen core, and the overall workout increases stamina.  Workouts utilize props such as weights, ball, barre, and mat with substitutions easily worked in to workouts if you do not have access to particular props. The website further states that their classes are different because they were developed by physical therapists to ensure the exercises are safe for any participant regardless of shape, age, and physical limitations or injuries. Instructors are rigorously trained in a lengthy process that includes annual training and certifications/exams.

4. The Barre Code No pricing listed.
Membership must be created for access which can be done in a studio or by creating a video account in their system.

5. Barre 3 $29/month, *15 day free trial
Cancel anytime. Access to full body workouts that focus on strength, conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness. New workouts and collections added every month.  They also offer progress tracking features.

6. Xtend Barre $89/year, $59/6 months, $14/month
Part of a partnership with other online streaming fitness programs, XTend Barre is a blend of Pilates and dance moves offered through OpenFit.  14 day free trail applicable to the year subscription. 

7. Barre Fitness Free access to online video library via YouTube uploads.

After reviewing all the options I listed, I am considering trying out The Bar Method.  I like the price of $19/month compared to Pure Barre's $29.99/month.  The Bar Method also seems to be more of a low impact program and comparable to what I am already doing with Pure Barre's workouts.  Some of the other options seem to be more high impact cardio which is not my cup of tea. 

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