Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pole Safety Spotlight: Shoulder Injury Prevention

One of the most common injuries in pole dancing is an injury to the shoulder. Shoulder injuries can occur from improper postural alignment or weak muscles within the shoulder and supporting structures. There are various different exercises one can implement to help condition the muscles of the shoulder. Range of motion exercises utilize the muscles in their working mode and therefore offer the most beneficial workout when conditioning. When conditioning off the pole, exercises for improving shoulder strength can include such devices as an exercise ball, resistance bands, or weights. Important considerations for utilizing weights in conditioning exercises of the shoulder include starting light and use a slow, controlled pace through a full range of motion. Rotator cuff work is not about how heavy you can train; It is to treat or prevent an injury¹. Focus your shoulder conditioning exercises on executing movements in slow and controlled repetitions. The overall purpose of conditioning the shoulder in pole dancing is injury prevention. As with any workout on or off the pole, it's also important to factor in a warm up. Warming up muscles prior to conditioning will help prevent injuries. Knowledge is key to a safe and healthy workout. For further resources on the anatomy of the shoulder and it's relation to pole dancing and examples of shoulder conditioning exercises, please visit www.PoleAthlete.com.

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