Friday, March 22, 2013

Exploring the world of Fitness Certifications

I've decided to pursue getting my AFAA Primary Group Exercise Fitness Certification.  I chose AFAA over other certification programs mostly because of the overall price and availability of affordable continuing education courses that are offered online.  There seems to be more online courses available through AFAA that appeal to what I'd like to utilize my certification for.  I think this is a smart move for me as it will make me more marketable to teaching fitness classes as well as open up opportunities.  I currently work in a nursing position where I have my summers off, therefore filling my off time with fitness classes only seems to be the ideal solution.  I'd like to expand my ability to teaching group fitness and taking it outside the pole studio.  Currently, I work with children and their parents as a Registered Nurse.  I have many opportunities to expand upon my role as a nurse by introducing physical fitness to the community where I work within.  Next month, I will be participating in a Family Fun Fitness event where parents and their children will participate in activities geared towards education about exercise and nutrition.  Just recently, I participated in a fitness fair sponsored by the hospital organization I work for advocating health and fitness.  I really enjoy getting out into the community and teaching children and their parents about the importance of integrating a healthy lifestyle for their over all well being.  Next month, I will also participate in a Health & Fitness Expo sponsored by one of the major news stations in our city.  The pole studio I work for has decided to participate in the event and I will be working the booth promoting fitness classes. 

For quite some time now, I've been considering whether or not to pursue my group fitness certification.  For the longest time I'd decided against moving forward with this process as I never foresaw myself teaching anything outside of pole dancing or aerial silks.  I have my pole dancing certification and for awhile I was completely content with just that.  As opportunities have been presented to me, I've decided it'd be in my best interest to seek out an additional certification that will broaden my capabilities in classes I'd really like to teach. 

When searching for a certification course, you want to make sure you are choosing one that meets your individual needs.  Some questions to ask are:
  • What is it you want to accomplish with your certification?  
  • What types of training do you want to pursue once completing your certification?  
  • How much is it going to cost you? 
  • How flexible is the program?
  • How reputable is the program?
It's important to research the available programs to make sure you are getting the best course for your needs.  With AFAA's certification course, I am able to do independent study at my own pace.  I have a year to complete the exam and obtain my certification.  I'm very self motivated when it comes to online at home study, therefore I felt the program offerings through AFAA were suitable to my needs.  I'll continue to update you all on my progress and overall thoughts about AFAA's program so stay tuned for future updates! 

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