Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Favorite Things: Pole Edition

I recently joined a pole dancing bloggers group online and as part of being a member of the group, each month there is a selected blog theme created.  All bloggers that are members of the group can participate if they'd like.  The creator of the group notifies everyone of the selected topic and creates a blog hop- which is a list of all the blogs that participated in the month's chosen topic.  Since this month is my first experience with the monthly topic, I decided I'd go ahead and participate.  I'm really excited because the ideas that were given got my creative juices flowing and I really liked the idea of writing about a list of items that are pole related that I consider my all time favorites.  So here is a complete list of my top five recommended items/companies with a brief summary and review of each.  Enjoy!

1. Xpole 45 mm Chrome Xpert: What's a favorite pole related products list without a pole?  This pole is my all time favorite of all my poles I own.  I love the smaller diameter of this pole as well as the easy installation of the bottom loading setup.  I've always had good experiences with this company whenever I call about questions.  This pole in particular I purchased from the lovely Karol Helms and she actually installed it for me for the first time during her visit!

2. Leg Warmers from Target: Affordable, stylish, and functional- a staple in every dancer's studio bag.  I love wearing leg warmers prior to working out.  It's no secret pole attire can be revealing and at the beginning of your workout showing off all that extra leg can be chilly.  I love pulling these on until my body is nice and warm then being able to easily remove them when I'm ready.  Not to mention they look really cute!

3. Bendability Fitness' Stretching for Pole DVD starring Amy Guion: I LOVE this DVD.  This is always my top recommendation whenever anyone asks me a good reference for gaining more flexibility.  Amy Guion is notoriously known for her amazing pole skills and instructing at the highly acclaimed BeSpun Studio in Hollywood, California.  Amy has a back ground in dance and obtained her Bachelor's in Natural Science from Loyola Marymount University.  Stretching for pole contains stretches that are easy to do in a structured layout that allows for progressive results. 

4.Studio Veena: This website falls more into the pole related company category as it is a combination of a social community and online lesson service.  I recommend my own students to become members of this site because it is such an amazing and supportive community.  I actively participate in their pole chat Fridays as well as pole related discussions.  I think this is an overall wonderful online community for pole dancers of every level.  StudioVeena exposes dancers to a multitude of information that allows dancers to grow in their skills and techniques.  I have made so many great connections within the pole community through this site and have maintained my membership since first joining back in 2008.

5.  Pleasers Shoes: My all time favorite brand of pole shoes! I'm a Pleaser girl.  These shoes just fit right with my foot and feel comfortable throughout my work outs.  I've never bought anything else!


  1. I have the same pole and I love it! I'll have to take a look next time I'm at a bigger Target (my local one is tiny!), leg warmers are so nice, plus they add a little dancer magic to everything :) Great post!

    xo adAstra

    1. Thank you! Yes, the Target leg warmers are amazing! i have purchased several pairs. A friend of mine just recently posted on her Facebook that they were on sale right now for $6 a pair!