Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Playlist Picks

It's been requested per my students that I write a blog featuring some of the music selections from the class playlists.  For those of you that don't know, Pole Harmony offers a unique dance fitness class experience by only playing local independent musicians.  We've partnered with a local online radio station, Indy In-Tune, which plays only local independent musicians.  This concept at Pole Harmony basically started with my overwhelming frustration with local mainstream radio.  I can't count how many times I've been driving somewhere listening to my radio and a song comes on and I change the station to find that same song on another radio station then change to yet another radio station only to find the same song playing again! Now don't get me wrong, I do really like popular songs.  However, after the one hundredth time I've heard that song in an hour, it does have a tendency to get played out. As a business owner, taking these same pop culture hit songs and bringing them into my classes after they've been overly played offers no real inspiration for my students to explore within their dancing.  I want music to create an experience for my students by giving them something fresh to listen to and feel out while they dance.

Another perk to offering local independent artists in my classes falls into the category of strategic marketing.  I'm giving artists a platform for promoting their work to an audience that is using their music for what it was intended for: dance. Many of Pole Harmony's students are new to the Indianapolis area.  By playing local music in class, many women are being exposed to Indianapolis' local music scene.  Not only do women come to pole dancing for fitness classes to get in shape, many women come for the social experience.  I hope that another experience my students enjoy is the sense of community my business is all about and by learning about local artists, many will become fans and get to enjoy the local shows from making a connection through dance.  Aside from business motives, I have personal reasons for wanting to reach out to the local music scene.  Growing up, my family was heavily involved in local music.  It was a way of life that brings back such fond memories for me.  I believe local musicians deserve the exposure and I've found many are happy that their music is out there being heard in a different venue and by a different audience in a fitness studio. 

With all that said, I decided to compile a list of my top three picks for this month from the class playlist.  Many of these songs are what I've had the most feedback from and students asking the most about. I've also included links for download/purchase of this month's selections.  
  This month's top three music picks are:

1. Michael Miller's "Dance" featuring Zacaria James

2. Jessica Phenix "Dreams"

3. Bashiri Asad "Running on Empty" : Click to Listen and Purchase on iTunes

We are always looking for unique sound to add to our current eclectic mix of danceable tunes.  If you or someone you know is a local independent musician wanting to contribute your music to our class playlists, please email

Want to take Indy In-Tune Radio on the go? Download iphone/android app SHOUTcast Radio to your phone and listen to local music where ever you want. 

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