Monday, January 27, 2014

Freestyle Friday: Fluidity February. Studio Skating.

For the month of February, we've decided to tap into developing fluidity technique. This month's Freestyle Friday will integrate a fun activity with dancing- sock skating! Grab a pair of socks and head to the studio for a Friday evening of slippery and smooth pole dancing sock skating fun! Throw some leg warmers into your bag and we'll integrate sexy super HOT floor work moves that look like you're gliding on ice.

Our Freestyle Friday will begin with an instructor lead warmup followed by fun exercises that create skill building technique for developing your movement.  Pole Harmony Freestyle Friday sessions are designed to assist in developing expressive movement through dance.  Expressive movement is visually captivating and emotionally cleansing for the dancer as a means of therapeutic dance.  Learning how to let your dancing be the healthy outlet your body needs is an essential element to Freestyle Friday sessions. 

Join us for our upcoming Freestyle Friday on Friday February 28th 7:30 PM $12 nonmembers/$7 monthly members.

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