Friday, March 7, 2014

PDBA March Blog Hop: Living up to expectations

No one is perfect.  We're human.  We make mistakes- or rather, we encounter learning experiences.  It's the human condition.  Some of us feel the pressure to perform a certain way, to strive for perfection.  In actuality, striving for perfection is an endless battle.  There is no finish line to perfection.  One doesn't attain it and suddenly there is a huge ribbon we run through labeled "perfection."  It just isn't possible.  So why then, do many strive for the unachievable? 

It's so easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of things we don't want to be involved in.  Negative thoughts, drama, political arguments, and self obsessed feelings of inadequacy.  It's important we not dwell on these occurrences as they only accomplish one thing- nothing.  How is all this related to pole dancing?  The pole community is full of competition.  Competition against businesses. Competition against each other in events. Competition against other classmates. Competition against ourselves.  An undying cycle of competing to be better.  To be THE BEST.  In the grand spectrum, many fail to realize it isn't the competition we should be focusing on, it's what WE have to put forth that should be recognized.  It's because of our own special qualities that we are unique and this uniqueness should be enough. 

I struggle with this myself.  It's something I am constantly working on as I continue to grow as an instructor and business owner.  I fight internal battles with myself as I feel a lacking in certain areas I feel others are flourishing in.  It's a constant, "I wish I had at my studio......" versus "I'm glad I actually don't have that at my studio...."- when does it end?  When can we truly be content?

Long gone are the days of what others are doing not being shoved in your face 24/7.  Check your Facebook and right in your face is the awesomeness of everyone around you.  Are some overly gloating?  Naturally.  But knowing this, do we still let it get to us?  Yes.  There has been a trend I've observed where popular culture has leaned towards clique like environments.  Of course this has never been a theme I wish to support, nor do I want that manifesting in my own space.  Yes, my own space.  The place I have created as a sanctuary for self expression through movement.  It is here where we excel to our capabilities and find goals to meet along the way.  Where the feeling of striving to just belong isn't a pressing theme.  An atmosphere supported by letting ourselves just dance. 

Have I failed my students by not
drilling them with the overwhelming world of "The Pole Community"?  I don't believe so.  I feel like maybe it's not the most popular route to take, however there is much more to a studio's existence than living up to the expectations of the community and striving to be on top.  Teaching others how to pole dance or dance in the air among fabric is my passion.  It's more than just about dancing.  Everything I teach is fueled by my passion.  A passion that is deeper than just the steps and spins, it's about connecting the body to the soul.  Moving in the movement in the moment.  That's just me being
revealed. No. It's me just being real.

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