Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear New Student: A guide for beginner pole or aerial silks students

As a new student, you will have a lot of questions.  One of the most importance questions on the top of your list is most likely- where do I start?  At Pole Harmony, all new students start off by taking an intro class. We have two classes to choose from.  If you're wanting to start pole classes, you will take the Pole Discovery intro class. If you're looking to start taking aerial silks classes, you will take the Aerial Discovery intro to silks class.  Each of these classes are offered on various days and times depending on the current semester.  You don't have to wait until the start of a new semester to get started.  Our classes change on a semester basis in order to allow us to change up the days and times classes are offered to appeal to a wider variety of clients who have busy work schedules that often conflict with their favorite class offerings.

Once you complete the intro class, you have several options for proceeding with our alternative fitness program.  You can take any one of our non-series pole or aerial fitness classes that are offered throughout the week or you can register for a pole or aerial series.  Our non-series pole and aerial fitness classes are offered pay as you go and allow you to show up as often as you want or are able.  In these classes, you will learn something new every week.

We offer a variety of payment options for the non-series classes.  The first payment option is pay per class.  This is a great option for the occasional student who may have other life obligations but still wants to get in a pole or aerial class every once in awhile to balance life stresses or to work in conjuction with other forms of fitness disciplines. The next option is our class pass packages.  You can purchase 5 classes or 10 classes that are valid for a specified time frame.  This option is great for students who want to budget their workouts by allowing them to also stretch out their fitness plan according to a suitable time frame that enables consistency through progressive fitness.  Our final option is geared towards our serious pole and aerial enthusiasts, an unlimited monthly membership.  The unlimited monthly memberships include unlimited non-series classes and discounts that are applied to the overall cost of series classes.  Our unlimited monthly membership is a great deal for those who want to get the most out of our programs or for students who need a financial incentive for accountability towards their fitness regimen.  Whatever your motive or life situation, at Pole Harmony we want to be sure you are able to enjoy everything we have to offer.

Another option for your post intro class workout includes taking one of our series classes.  We currently offer two series options- Pole Foundations and Aerial Foundations.  In the Pole Foundations series, you will learn an arsenal of moves choreographed in a fun routine.  Our Aerial Foundations series focuses on specific moves and conditioning exercises to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. All our series classes are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Now that you've either decided or have an idea of what course of action you'd like to proceed with in regards to taking classes at Pole Harmony, we'd like to cover some basic class information tailored to some of our frequently asked questions.  The first question we often hear focuses on attire.  Below are the following what to wear descriptions for both our pole and aerial silks classes.

What to wear for pole classes:  For your first Pole Class, you may wear a comfortable t-shirt/tank, yoga pants/capris, or shorts. Footwear is optional and limited to dance approved foot protectors, socks, or gym shoes. It is recommended students attend classes bare feet. Certain moves may require extra mobility and students may want to bring a pair of socks to protect feet. Please refrain from wearing lotions or oils on your skin as well as strong fragrances and perfumes.

What to wear for aerial silks classes: For our Aerial Classes we recommend wearing form fitting attire that covers legs, torso, and under arms. Leggings/yoga pants recommended with a short sleeved top. Classes are taught with students in bare feet. Please tie back long hair. Do not wear any jewelry such as rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, or dangling earrings. These items may get caught in the fabric and ripped out or may create tears that will damage the fabric.   The next question we often hear is; how do I sign up for a class?  At Pole Harmony, we utilize an online booking program that allows our students to sign up for classes or book parties 24/7.  Simply visit our online schedule page ( and click book next to the class of your choice.  We've created an online tutorial on how to book a class at Pole Harmony which can be viewed here:

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