Monday, September 29, 2014

How to build your own around the pole portable dance floor

Every pole dancer dreams of having beautiful hardwood floors to pirouette effortlessly on around the pole.  Sometimes ripping up the carpet in our designated pole room or area just for this purpose is not feasible. Buying a portable dance floor can also be quite pricey.  This is why I decided it was time to build my own portable dance floor.  Below, I've included all the supplies with links for how I built my portable pole dancing floor.  If you're wanting yours to be extra portable you may want to cut the flooring differently to allow the pieces to break down smaller.  Once mine was built, it remained in place as I had a space in my home designated as my pole room so I didn't need to break it down and move it.  If I was to move it, it required two people to move or disassemble.  With all that said, let's get started on how to assemble your very own portable pole fitness dance floor.

Supply List:
1. 2 4'x8' pieces of plywood
2. Package of straight metal fasteners
3. Screws -the size will depend on the thickness of plywood you selected
4. Peel and stick laminate hardwood tiles- square or strips

1. Drill
2. Saw (optional if needing to cut plywood down to fit in an area that will not accomadate 8'x8' flooring)
3. Safety glasses (if you're sawing you should wear these to protect your eyes!)
4. Tape measure
5. Pencil
6. Level

My finished flooring was 8'x7'.  My husband cut down one piece of plywood to 8'x3' length to fit the flooring in my pole room.  This also allowed my to place my pole in the middle of the dance floor as it offset the seam where the two pieces of plywood came together.  If you're wanting to wear heels, offsetting the seam may be something you want to consider when planning the layout of your floor.  The seam wasn't too big on mine and I wore heels all the time on it and never got my heel caught, but depending on how your finished project comes together this may be something you want to strongly consider throughout the process in order to prevent the seam versus heel scenario. 

Steps to building your custom portable pole fitness dance floor:

1. Cut plywood to desired size using measuring tape, level, pencil, safety glasses, and saw (skip this step if no cutting needed)
2. Fit 2 pieces of plywood together with groove into edge on the floor.  My pieces of plywood were bowed slightly so I had to flip the plywood for bow side facing down to create a flat dance floor surface. 
3. Fasten two pieces of plywood together using straight fasteners along the seam. 
4.  With 2 or 3 strong people, raise the flooring and flip over.
5. Apply peel and stick tiles to floor avoiding placement over seams if you want to be able to disassemble your floor in the future. 
6. Allow peel and stick tiles to adhere and add pole for completed project. 


  1. How and where do you put the fasteners exactly? Great idea!

    1. Hello! Sorry for the very long delay in responding to your comment. I have unintentionally neglected this blog for far longer than I had intended. For the fasteners, we placed them along the seams where the pieces of plywood were to be connected.