Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Best Holiday Gifts for Pole and Aerial Dancers 2014

We're back at it this year scoping out the hottest gift trends for fitness!  Last year we featured five of our top wish list items for both pole and aerial dancers.  This year we'd like to expand upon that previous list and add some hot items to give you an idea of what to get your favorite pole or aerialists this holiday season.  Let's get started!

Pole Harmony's Best Gift Picks for Pole and Aerial Dancers 2014:

1. Stylish printed Yoga mats. I've seen very hip and trendy designs on Yoga mats lately in stores. My all time favorite mat I've seen is a Zebra print mat I spotted at Meijers.  Give her peace of mind for her flexibility classes with style.  A quick Google search will yield multiple colors of animal print mats.  Plenty to choose from and a hot item that takes traditional boring solid colored mats to the appeal of a whole new generation of yogis. 

2. Custom water bottle.  The water bottle is an essential for any pole or aerial class and getting her a customized beverage container is a great idea. No more questioning what bottle of water belongs to who when you have your very own. A huge plus- you can customize water bottles now with an awesome pole or aerial silks graphic along with a favorite pole or aerial meme.

3. Work out T's. Just like the customized water bottle, there is no better gift idea than a customized graphic t-shirt or sweatshirt that one can wear to classes or proudly display for any occasion that declares their love for the sport. 

4. Foam roller. Any pole or aerial silks student knows the holy grail of body maintenance is the foam roller.  Roll out tension or loosen up tight muscles to increase flexibility- the foam roller is a must have item. So many options of foam rollers exist from grooves to ridges and long to short.  Depending on the intended use, you'll want to make sure you do a little research on this one but all in all, this is definitely a great gift idea.

5. Grip aid. At Pole Harmony, our most popular brands for grip aid use have been Dry Hands for pole and Cramer's for aerial silks.  These two products have become a staple at the studio and are always an essential item that is perfect for a stocking stuffer.

This concludes our 2014 list of favorite holiday gift items for pole and aerial dancers.  We hope you found some useful ideas for your holiday shopping! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season from Pole Harmony! For more gift ideas, please read our 2013 list of favorite holiday gift items.

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