Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review: Polefit Nation 5 Day Challenge

I recently posted a blog about at home pole workout programs and decided to check out some of the free trials that are available out there to get a feel for how the overall lessons would be in quality.  I came across a set of conditioning exercises that target particular areas of the body that would benefit both on and off the pole.  The exercises are a part of the Polefit Nation 2016 5 Day Challenge.  To get started, visit the link and enter your email.  For five days, a new video will be emailed to you in your inbox.

I actually watched all the videos in one sitting.  The exercises could be done as one full routine or if you're a beginner you may enjoy doing a little bit every day until you're more comfortable with the individual exercises.  Below is a quick break down of each day and the areas of focus:

Day 1: Abdominals
Day 2: Arms
Day 3: Legs
Day 4: Abdominal Obliques
Day 5: Abdominals/Legs

I really like this challenge as it is reminiscent of my Body by Pole/Body by Aerial classes taught at my studio Pole Harmony. The exercises are easy to do and you do not have to have a pole.  The only exercise that utilizes a pole is Day 4 and you can easily modify the exercise by using a chair or balancing using a wall.  For those wanting to really challenge themselves, the exercises can be performed in a circuit and repeated for three rotations. 

The video quality is very good and the instructor speaks clearly with good directional cues in each of the videos.  So grab your pole journals, take notes, and try out this challenge to build the strength you'll need for all those future pole workouts. 

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