Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Update: Back at it in 2016

It's been awhile since I have posted anything on this particular blog.  For awhile, I was posting all content on my studio website blog. In October 2015, I decided it was time to retire as a pole studio owner and pursue other personal interests.  I sold my studio space which was rebranded to allow myself to maintain the Pole Harmony brand I had worked hard over the years building up to establish.  Being I wanted to maintain my pole blogging affiliation under the Pole Harmony name, I decided it was best not to sell my brand in the transition.  So here I am, former pole studio business owner, renewed home poler, writer, and fitness enthusiast reclaiming my little piece of the internet through my thoughts and feelings towards all things pole and aerial fitness. 

Where am I now? In this journey, I am at a place in between.  I'm wrestling with a confined space in an over 100 year old house where I can confidently create as my pole room.  When I bought this inner city historic home, I had a studio full of poles that I never thought I'd see the day where that luxury would cease to exist. That's the problem with the here and now, rarely do we consider tomorrow.  There are options with my current space, unfortunately those options do come with a price.  I'm trying to figure out what would be the best option to pursue for both now and in the future.  I thought I had it all figured out and would use my Platinum Stages 50mm Star Stand Alone in the area I have claimed for my pole and after gathering every piece from my detached garage attic and carrying everything across the courtyard and up a long flight of stairs and down the long hallway to the furthest wing of my house as I went to place the pole into the stage for the final piece of setup, I was met with the pole into the ceiling and no way to place the too tall pole into the stage.  I considered cutting the pole but decided against it as the Platinum Stages SSA stages are no longer an item the company produces or sells parts to so I felt it was not a smart idea to destroy a pole by cutting it down to size.  Now I have my 45mm X-Pert pole in the place where my stage once stood.  I hear creaky floorboards under me and fear that its just a matter of time before the pole pops a floorboard and potentially sends me through the floor into the living room below.  Probably not likely but still a fear I'm not willing to put to test.  Not to mention my fears of the ceiling being pushed up and creating structural damage to the aged support of my home.  Again, probably an irrational fear but really something I'm not wanting to find out otherwise. 

I decided to sell my stage pole and I'm looking into purchasing an xstage from xpole so I can get the appropriate pole for the height I am working with.  This will also let me have the freedom to move my pole area outside or in the garage if my current pole space needs to be converted back into a useable room.  Another option I have considered is building a portable dance floor to place under my current 45mm X-Pert and just use the pole I have.  This option leads me back to my current state of hesitation when it comes to using said pole.  I am hoping to have this pole space situation worked out in the next couple weeks.  I am really missing not having the ability to dance at home. 

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