Thursday, June 2, 2016

June Challenges!

There's some great challenges going on this month!  Below are a variety of disciplines for this month's challenges.  I've been taking it easy the past two weeks so I wasn't able to complete the #pfmayipolewithyou challenge as I had planned.  First it was my knee that had some swelling then my dog got injured so I have been keeping a close eye on him.  Good news is, both my knee and my doggie are all better so I'm hoping to get back on track with my workouts.  Without further ado, let's get into introducing all the great challenges for the month of June.

Challenge 1: #BYGHandstandChallenge

Instagram challenge hosted by @beachyogagirl
Rules: As I'm writing this blog the rules have not yet been posted.  Click the hosts IG name above to see if this one is underway.  (I'll update this blog post once more details are posted).

Challenge 2: #Junepolechallenge2016

Instagram challenge hosted by @falzyb
Rules: Upload your pictures and hashtag #junepolechallenge2016 (See challenge post below for each day of the month's move).

Challenge #3: BeSpun Flow Challenge

YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram challenge hosted by @BeSpun
Rules: Upload your video submissions to the BeSpun Flow Challenge Facebook group. For 6 weeks, a routine will be broken down with weekly tutorials.  Participants upload their video submissions from each week's tutorial. 

Challenge #4: #JuneYogaChallenge

Instagram Challenges. I picked three of the first challenges that popped up in my search feed when I typed in #JuneYogaChallenge.  Here are the current challenges going on:

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