Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lifestyle: Choosing New Glasses for Your Face

It's time for me to get a new pair of glasses!  I'm pretty excited to find a new pair of glasses that are stylish and change my look all while letting me see the things I need to see.  I am near sighted so I only wear my glasses when I need to see things far away, like when I'm driving or at an NBA or baseball game.  My current pair of glasses are a few years old and the lenses are horribly scratched up.  Let's just say I'm WAY over due on this one.  I was wearing contacts but it seemed like I would always run out of one eye's contacts before the other because it never failed; I'd put a new contact in and then it would tear later that day. They were convenient but too costly for my preference in having to constantly replace them and deal with the common annoyances that go along with wearing them. 

So I made an eye appointment and decided it was time for a fresh pair of spectacles.  I decided to do a little research to find a pair that were a little more stylish and along the lines of all the cute glasses I've been seeing ladies sporting at recent NBA games I've been going to.  The Playoffs are over this season for the Indiana Pacers so my people watching days are over for this season.  I did take away quite a few fashionable trends that I really liked while attending these games because well, what else am I to do during all those time outs and end of quarter breaks? 

I found some helpful tips on pinterest.com about how to choose the appropriate frames for your face shape.  I have what I consider to be a round face.  My forehead takes up a little more real estate on my face so something that balances the round facial structure with a long forehead would be optimal.  I wanted to lean more towards the "geek chic" genre of frames as those have become my latest obsession for style.  I feel like those types of frames can really transform your face and create a focal point that is both fashionable and complimentary.  Pinterest provided a lot of useful quick reference charts that break down the right kind of frames for each face shape. 

Armed with the knowledge of what to look for in my new frames for my face shape, I decided to go to my eye doctor's website and try out their image upload and glasses try on feature.  I uploaded a picture of my face and proceeded to virtually try on all the glasses that I was interested in.  I narrowed down my results to three pairs of frames that I would present to my doctor's office to try on again in person to make my final decision.  

I ended up choosing the Burberry BE2144 frames.
They weren't my first pick however, once I got to my doctor's office and tried on all the frames I had initially chosen from my online research, I settled on my selected frames based on the overall sense of durability.  The other frames I had selected felt very flimsy.  As useful the online tool was in narrowing down my results, the ultimate decision came down to being able to really try on the frames in person.  I've has my new glasses now for a couple of weeks and I have been loving them.  I'm really happy with my choice and hope they last many years.  I think the style is perfect for my face shape and I'm really glad I took the time to research frames that would best suit my face. 

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