Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Healing Crystals for Pole Dancers

"The Mind is a powerful force. It can enslave us or empower us. It can plunge us into the depths of misery or take us to the heights of ecstasy. Learn to use the power wisely." - David Cuschieri.

When it comes to crystals, they can be a powerful tool that amplifies specific energy from your mind.  The brain is the command center for the body.  It's an amazingly complex organ that is capable of holding all of life's mysteries.  Crystals and gemstones are simply naturally made minerals that possess beautiful characteristics and are identified by their chemical composition.  Crystals and gemstones have been considered sacred gifts from the Earth by ancient and modern cultures.  There is a huge industry in alternative and holistic healing that utilizes the metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones to magnify and focus specific energies of the mind. 

I have been studying the use of crystals when it comes to relaxation techniques and yoga.  I'm a firm believer in the manifestation of good energy and how it affects your overall mood and success.  I look at the use of crystals and gemstones as in the same manner of the popular law of attraction concept depicted in The Secret, a self help book written by Rhonda Byrne (2006).  In Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, the use of positive thinking is discussed as a means to create attractive life changing results.  I'm sure you could manifest the same results without the use of crystals, however there is an overall feeling of fulfillment by having a tangible item to draw inspiration from when focusing on specific energy.  Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing crystals and gemstones can be to your environment. 

Through all my research, I have come across many lists of crystals and gemstones recommended for different types of wellness uses ranging from weight loss to anxiety relief.  Of all the current lists out there circulating the internet, I have yet to come across a list that depicts the types of crystals and gemstones that would benefit athletes such as pole dancers. After sorting through all my notes and knowledge base thus far, I have developed my own list of crystals and gemstones I feel would be perfect for pole dancing.

How to Use Your Crystals and Cleanse Your Crystals

 Obviously, you can't wear your crystals while pole dancing.  You can place them in a pouch and keep them inside your pole bag while at the studio or place them decoratively within your pole space to enhance your energy during your practice.  You can create gem elixirs using water as I have done in the image below.  Due to water being corrosive to some crystals, I don't like to submerge my crystals in water or for sanitary reasons place them inside water that I will be drinking. For a gem elixir, you can allow the crystals to charge the water for as long as you feel beneficial. 

You can also create a crystal grid and leave it displayed in your pole area.  Read more here on how to grid using crystals. Another technique that could be beneficial to your pole practice is by placing your crystals in a dish on your bedside or in a pouch under your pillow.  Rest can be extremely powerful and as we all know, some of our best pole moves have been accomplished in our dreams.  Again, the mind is such a powerful part of our existence.

To get the full use of your crystals, you'll want to make sure you take care of them by cleansing them.  Cleansing crystals is a way to hit the reset button on them.  You're ridding them of unwanted energy so you can get all the good energy flowing.  I cleanse mine by smudging them in sage incense or over night in the light of the full moon.   I prefer sage incense to using a sage smudge stick.  The smudge sticks smell awful to me so I rarely use them. 

Have you found the use of implementing crystals into your daily routine or environment beneficial?  What other types of tools do you use to change your mindset for your workouts?  I'd love to hear about your techniques. 

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