Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July Pole Challenges

It's a new month full of new challenges! I found four pole challenges on Instagram that I wanted to share with my readers.  Feel free to tag @poleharmony so I can follow your progress if you choose to participate.

Lotus Fitness Studio July Pole/Aerial Move of the Day Social Media Challenge starts today! RULES: 💜1- Follow Lotus Fitness Studio on Instagram or Like us on Facebook 💜2-Like the picture/video of the day 💜3- Post picture/video of move of the day to FaceBook and/or Instagram and tag or mention Lotus Fitness Studio (using @lotusfitnessstudio #lotusfitnessstudio and #lotusjulychallenge) We will be tracking posts and tags daily and at the end of the month randomly select 3 winners. Multiple entries allowed, the more times you enter the higher your chances of winning. Winners will be notified through social media Winners picture/videos will be reposted on Lotus Fitness Studio Social Media Pages. 3 WINNERS/PRIZES: 💜1- Local Non-Member will win a Day Pass to the Studio 💜1- Local Member will win one pole or aerial private lesson 💜1- Non-Local winner will win a pole outfit (tank top, booty shorts, leg warmers) We will be posting pics/video examples each day of the listed moves. Have fun and good luck!
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For those of you playing at home! You can do the videos every day or even combine them and just do it once a week. Remember to do the moves 3-5 times minimum, try to be as clean and controlled as possible and switch sides after every attempt forcing yourself to stay even. Most videos have a variation of the skill included as well that you can try or you can make up your own! Film your attempts, tag @carliehunter and hashtag #pdback2basics. The most dedicated player will get a prize from @badkittyusa. We are starting off super easy so there is no excuse not to participate... If you find a move you can't or don't want to do you can switch it out for something you prefer or wish to work on. There are some harder ones at the end I'll provide a second choice to. Stay tuned for video number 1 and let's get back to basics! #pdback2basics #thepoleboutique #badkittypride #xpoleaustralia #carliehunter #poledancing #pledancer #letsdothis #fixingoutbodies #fixingourminds #beautyinsimplicity #polelife
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Hi, IG Pole friends! This a local contest from my Studio because sponsors are local, but If you'd like to participate and share with us, feel free to do it and use the hashtag #SummerPoleAholic and follow @aerialfit. It would be super nice and we'd be glad to feel inspired by your ideas! ❤️😍😁👫🙌🏼❤️ . . Repost @aerialfit with @repostapp ・・・ ¿Quieres hacer mucho pole este verano, retarte a probar nuevos movimientos y ganar premios por parte de Aerial Fit y nuestros sponsors? Entonces sé un Pole-Aholic y participa en nuestro RETO. El día 31 de Julio, quien tenga más participaciones se llevará un regalo de cada uno de nuestros sponsors. ¿Qué hay que hacer? 1. Sigue a @aerialfit , @tiempodete y @serigrafex y @nulabb 2. Sube una foto tuya que corresponda a lo indicado para cada día de Julio (Por ejemplo: El 4 de Julio te toca hacer un Pole Sit). 3. En cada una de tus fotos taggeanos y también a nuestros sponsors y utiliza el hashtag #SummerPoleAholic. 4. Participa las veces que quieras y no olvides seguir todas las instrucciones, recuerda que tú IG no debe estar privado para poder ver tus participaciones. Ahora sí... ¡a practicar Pole todo el verano! #polechallenge #summerchallenge #poledance #polefitness #polefit #poledancemx #poledancersofig #poledancer
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