Tuesday, October 11, 2016

BOSU Balance Trainer Workout

I've been using my pink BOSU balance trainer lately for my workouts at home.  I must say, I LOVE this thing.  I reviewed the video that came with my BOSU prior to actively doing the video as a workout and thought that some of the exercises looked pretty easy.  Upon actually doing the video I discovered that was not the case at all.  Some of the exercises that look to be easy are not easy at all.  It's crazy to think that simply lifting one leg while standing on the BOSU could prove to be a nearly impossible task all in itself.  I can honestly say I feel as though I got a great workout and look forward to mastering some of the balance techniques this piece of equipment forces my body into. 

While researching some great exercise videos to share on this blog post for my readers, I came across a promotional offer via BOSU for October.  Being October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, BOSU has a special offer available for their pink colored equipment.  I purchased my BOSU last year when they released the pink BOSU balance trainer so I've had mine for awhile.  It's taken me awhile to really incorporate it into my workouts.  When I first got my BOSU, I was only focusing on using it for specific yoga poses.  One in particular was the crane pose.  A little tip for this pose on the BOSU- stretch out your wrists really well.  This pose is very intense on the wrists so if you have a prior wrist injury or issues with your wrists, you may not want to attempt the crane on the BOSU.  Be sure you are strong in your crane on solid ground first.  The balance will shift and if you don't have a strong grounded crane and you may risk face planting into the floor. 

Check out the current promotion below and the video I've posted showcasing some exercises you can do with the BOSO stability ball. 

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