Tuesday, April 11, 2017

10 Sexy Pole Tips & Tricks

The allure of pole dancing has always been rooted in the sexual origins of the exotic dance industry.  Pole dancing is best known for it's taboo history of gaining notoriety through the gentlemen's club era of the 1980s in the United States.  Since it's inception into the public eye, pole dancing has evolved and come a long way from the nightlife stages of the clubs to a widely accepted form of fitness for many modern men and women.  Whatever your reason for coming to pole dancing as a means of expressive dance or fitness, you can't help but feel drawn towards the sultry and seductive roots this type of dance has been best know for. 

Now just a mere form of pole dancing, the exotic and sexual side of pole dancing is widely practiced as a style that encourages more women than men to break the barriers of their sex appeal by engaging in movement exploration that taps into feelings of desire. Pole dancing encompasses many forms of dance and for those that fell in love for the mystique and erotic flavor of sultry dance, the sexy side of pole dancing is a steadfast favorite.  For whatever reason you have come to pole dancing, you can't deny that sexy pole is a fun challenge that forces you to work muscle groups that you don't typically focus on during other traditional workouts.  In January, I took a Sexy Pole Workshop class at a local studio.  I found the class to be full of useful tips.  It really got me thinking in how I used to teach this form of dancing and what types of tips I'd offer to my students.  I decided to give some of those tips and tricks to my readers that I have learned through various teachings and trial and error along the way.

10 Sexy Pole Tips & Tricks

1.  Eye Contact.  The eyes can tell a story during your dance or performance.  Use your eyes to keep your face alive when you dance.  Find a focal point- whether its an actual person you are dancing for, audience member, or an area above a member of the audience- this focus will engage your audience and connect your dancing to them on a more personal level.  Sexy pole is a style that taps into the personal and breaks down that barrier of personal space through the eyes and the eyes alone.

2. Watch Yourself. Practice dancing while watching yourself in the mirror.  It's the best way to develop your movement.  We are our best and work critics.  So when we move a particular way, only we can judge how that movement best looks on our body and if we like it, then odds are it will continue to be a movement we enjoy both mentally and physically on our body.  It's all about finding how certain moves work best for your body.

3.  Flirty Hand Movements. I used to teach 3 basic "Flirty Hand Movements" in my classes.  One flirty hand movement was to play with your loose clothing- twist the ends of your shirt so it shows a little skin.  The second flirty hand movement was to play with your hair- give your hair a tousle with your hand.  The third and my most favorite flirty hand movement is to trace your silhouette.  Run your hand along the aide of your torso, hips, and thighs.  This draws the attention to these areas of your body while giving your free hand something to do.  This is also a great way to dry sweaty palms as you rub excess hand perspiration onto your clothes to allow you to continue dancing without risking slipping while gripping the pole. 

4. Walking Sexy.  Pointing your toes is a given.  Whether you're wearing stilettos or dancing bare feet, engage that toe point at all times.  The toe point gives a clean line to the legs thus producing a long and lean look. I used to teach my students a sexy toe drag walk where the back foot lightly drags the toes into the next step.  This is an important walk to master especially if you're one to wear the taller heels when dancing. This constant contact with the floor allows for stability when walking in heels and prevents ankle rolling injuries and falls.

5. Exaggerate Form and Movements.  Sexy pole is all about those big hip sways, arched backs, pushed out chests.  Movements are exaggerated with legs and arms to pop out booties and create curves in every twist and turn around the pole. 

6. Slow is Sexy.  Slow and controlled dancing is not only sexy but it's essential to developing your key muscle groups that will allow you to dance effortlessly and become a pole seductress all while maintaining safe execution of all your favorite moves around the pole.

7. Floorwork. The epitome of sexy in pole dancing is the inclusion of floorwork while you dance.  Floorwork is a fun flirtation that allows you to rest during strenuous routines all while maintaining an engagement with your dancing or audience. Really play up your leg work during floorwork.  This is the time to develop core strength and flexibility for an overall enticing performance. 

8. Enjoy the dance. Pick a song you love. Set the mood with lights. Dance for yourself alone.  Sexy dancing isn't just about being seductive towards someone else. It can be a way to get in touch with yourself and be a form of expression for you and only you.  You don't have to share your dancing with anyone if you don't want to.  Pole dancing can be very therapeutic and by dancing for yourself, you can reap the benefits of those feel good endorphins by feeling sexy and confident all on your own. 

9. Dress the part. Most pole attire can be intimidating for new dancers.  It shows a lot of skin- which is necessary for safety in progressive moves that require skin contact with the pole.  If you're starting out, you most likely won't be ready for those types of ensembles but it shouldn't stop you from purchasing pieces that make you look and feel sexy.  Looking sexy can be a great catalyst towards making your dancing sexy.  Did I mention you also look sexy?  Who doesn't love playing dress up?

10. Create an alter ego.  Sometimes creating a character lets you tap into that acting role that you may feel like you need to take on in order to hone in on your sexy.  I've taught bachelorette pole parties where every participant came in and wanted me to give them a sexy name for the party.  Many exotic dancers pick stage names so for your sexy dance style, why not?  It adds flavor or a sense of style that you can tap into when you're feeling the need to express the sexy side of pole. 

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