Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cleo the Hurricane's Liquid Heroine Vinyl Leggings Review

I recently purchased a pair of Cleo the Hurricane's Heroine Liquid Vinyl Leggings in black. I purchased these leggings in order to workout on the pole during the colder months when poles are typically slicker.  Anyone that has poled for a long time knows the pole is temperamental with the weather.  A slick pole usually results in a poor and frustrating workout.

The order process went relatively smooth.  My leggings arrived within a week of placing my order.  They arrived in a well packaged packing envelope with a clear wrapped cellophane containing the leggings.

The first time I used the leggings, I didn't feel like they fit well.  They are very tight and require you to pull them up all the way to get the best fit.  When ordering, you may also want to order a size larger than you typically order. I followed the recommended sizing chart when placing my order. The second time I wore them they fit a lot better as I made sure to pull them up higher up my legs.  The leggings definitely add the desired stickiness to the pole and made for an easier and warmer workout.  One downfall was that the leggings caused me to sweat a lot.  They practically had to be peeled off and my legs felt wet when I was done.  

Overall, I really like the leggings.  It was a nice change to be able to pole with pants on.  It took a little getting used to but after some pole play I was really enjoying using them during my workout.  If you're looking for some sticky leggings to wear during your pole workout, I highly recommend the Heroine Liquid Vinyl Leggings. 

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