Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pinterest Fitness Series: Mini Ball 4 Week Routine

Welcome back for another round of my Pinterest Fitness four week routines! In this blog series I've taken all those pinned fitness ideas that I've been collecting to do "some day" and compiled them into a monthly challenge style routine where I've designated an entire routine for a specific day to be performed weekly for the duration of four weeks. Each month's routine will involve the same theme or piece of exercise equipment. 

To get started, I recommend choosing one day during the week where you can remain consistent for the course of the four weeks. These routines will be performed for four weeks consecutively. For this month's routine I have also included the frequency and how many rounds each exercise is performed.

This month I'm focusing on using the mini stability ball for my workouts.  I was first introduced to a mini ball in a ballet barre class.  I ended up purchasing my own ball from Pure Barre's online shop. You can also purchase a mini ball from Amazon. I'm really excited about this month's routines as I've been wanting to incorporate the mini ball into this series for quite awhile now. If you need to stay on track throughout this monthly routine, be sure to follow me on Facebook for my weekly reminder posts where I will feature the routine of the week. Also, feel free to tag me on Instagram so I can keep up with you progress. Let's get started!

Week 1
Booty Tone
Do 10 reps, 3 rounds
Week 2
Lower Abs
Do 10-20 reps, 3 rounds
Week 3
Inner Thigh
Do 12 reps, 4 rounds
Week 4
Booty Work
Do 10-15 reps, 3 rounds

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