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October 2017 Pole Dancing and Fitness Challenges

✨✨ OCTOBER CHALLENGE! ✨✨ October combo challenge with @dredee1983 starts tomorrow! Excited to be giving away 3 prizes again this month! . To play, follow the steps below: 1. Repost the flyer and tag two friends to play 2. Follow the host @dredee1983 and tag in all your entries! Example videos will be posted 2-3 days before each combo day so check the host profile before each combo. 3. Post a video of your combos using the moves listed for each odd numbered day of the month. If the moves are too advanced for you, do videos of prep work for each move - that still counts! Use the hashtag #octobercombochallenge , and don't forget to tag the host! All entries must be received by November 3, 2017. Winners will be announced November 6, 2017. Winners must complete all combos as best they can for their level and will be chosen based on fluidity of transitions, good form, and musicality. . 🏆PRIZES🏆 1st place will receive a Darkside Fitness shirt 2nd place will receive a jar of iTac Pole Grip 3rd place will receive a set of TheraBand resistance bands ✨✨✨✨✨ Will be posting the first video later today! Happy poling!

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💥💥Are you guys up for another #challenge? Starting this Sunday, October 1st...💥💥 . Let's get strong in #October! 💪 The aim of this challenge is to showcase YOUR strengths. We want to see what makes you feel #strong , #sexy , #empowered . Challenge yourself with new moves, find variations of moves you are comfortable in, or simply take your go-to moves and find more fluid motion. The challenge will be different and personal for each individual! Take time to find music that moves you. 🎶 Play with costumes, new attire, or props. 👯 We want to see your creativity! . . Most of all, have fun, encourage one another, and we hope you find some new #strengths this month! . . You will be submitting three videos per week in each of the categories listed on the flyer. Please use the hashtag #polestrengthchallenge in each post. Don't forget to follow our lovely sponsors, @elizabeth_bfit @rubberbanditz @poledancenation and @pedipleasers, and tag the sponsors and the hosts @forthelove_ofpole and @kristen.bethanie in all your posts! . All posts must be submitted by November 3, 2017. Winners will be announced November 6, 2017. 🥇🥈🥉 . 💜 Happy poling! 💜

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STRENGTH & DOUBLES BLN LAUNCH 🚀 TODAY! @anki.amanda @pole_stars_osnabrueck thank you for your awesome videos 💥CRACK THE CODE CHALLENGE - VIDEO EDITION We have exciting POLE NEWS and we want YOU to be a part of it! We are building a VIDEO catalogue of ALL CODE MOVES to include the largest and most comprehensive catalogue of FREE pole tutorials! In this IPSF CRACK THE CODE CHALLENGE, we invite YOU to teach pole to a global pole community of millions and growing! Help teach and shape the future the pole! We are looking for ALL LEVELS polers and it doesn’t matter which level you are, or how old you are, only that you can demonstrate the move correctly. _____ 🎥HOW TO ENTER ___ 🔹Choose your move from this month’s challenge 1st September - 30th September - FLEXIBILITY & DOUBLES (SYN) 🔹Film your move making sure it adheres to the challenge rules 🔹Download the IPSF drawing Stitch your video to the drawing 🔹Post the high-quality video on Instagram with the following: 🔺Code number and Code name 🔺Tag @ipsfpolesports 🔺Hash Tag #crackthecode & #ipsf 🔺Your full name If your video is successfully listed in the catalogue on IPSF.TV your video will be credited with a post on Instagram and Facebook ___________ #polesports #polesport #polefit #polefitness #poledance #polemoves #poledancer #polemove #poledancing #poletrick #polechallenge #poletricks #poletutorial #pole #poledancersofig #poledancersofinstagram #polecombo #poleart #poledoubles #doublespole #poleduo #polemen #polekids

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KRAMA TELAS CHALLENGE ¡Krama Costa Rica te invita a participar al primer Telas Challenge en Instagram! Durante las dos primeras semanas de octubre estaremos compartiendo 14 fotografías de nuestra profesora Majo Howell, apreciando el arte y el despertar de toda nuestra creatividad e imaginación para crear las mejores fotografías! ¿Cómo participar? -Debes tener un perfil público en Instagram (para poder ver tus fotos). -Compartir 1 post diario con la foto de la postura del día (público) o su variación. -Usa los hashtags del challenge en cada fotografía: #danzaaereakramachallenge y #aerialsilkskramachallenge ¡Expongamos al máximo la imaginación, abramos nuestras mentes y exploremos los caminos del arte corporal de manera positiva para que el mundo en el que vivimos pueda observar de lo que podemos ser capaces! ¡Expón al máximo tus capacidades! Hosts: @aereayeterea @anincera @kramacostarica Patrocinadores: @origami_cr @macacocr @babyfacecr @Sularawear @KleanKanteencr @Sofisoaps @Cotiluactivewear @Nguvucr Se premia haber cumplido con las 15 fotos, creatividad, además de usar los tags y los host. POSTURAS: Dia 1: Monito Dia 2: Macaco Dia 3: Variación del Macaco Dia 4: Equilibrio de llave del pie Dia 5: Cuatro de llave de pie Dia 6: Pájaro Dia 7: Buda Dia 8: Split Dia 9: Portaja Dia 10: Astronauta Dia 11: Sirena Dia 12: Variación de Split en la L Dia 13: Esther Williams Dia 14: Escorpión Dia 15: TU POSTURA FAVORITA Nota: El nombre de la postura puede variar según donde practiquen telas, no hacer ninguna figura que no saben para prevenir lesiones, se pueden hacer variaciones. Premios: Primer lugar Una licra Macaco Un top Sulara Una Botella Klean Kanteen Un jabón y 1 exfoliante de SofiSoaps Una Calcamonía Krama Segundo lugar Un Short Cotilú Un Top Nguvu Una Clase de Skin Care por Baby Face Un jabón y Un exfoliante de SofiSoaps Una Calcamonía Krama Tercer lugar Un Leotardo Origami Una pulsera YoguiLú Un jabón y 1 exfoliante de Sofi Spa Una Calcamonía Krama

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