Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Static Trapeze

I've decided to take my aerial training to a new apparatus in order to draw inspiration into my training.  After doing aerial fitness for the past nine years, it comes as no surprise to me that I have been feeling unmotivated in my training.  So many outside distractions have taken precedence in my life when it comes to the kinds of activities I have been consumed with.  After having spent two years as a business owner completely absorbed in everything pole and aerial studio owner, it has been a nice break to get lost in the world of the daily mundane.  I was very grateful this past year to return to teaching aerial silks classes after having a little over a year away.  However, as every circus junkie knows all too well, the addiction can't be overcome that easily and one who has been bitten by the circus bug is forever infected. 

I recently decided to start working with a new apparatus, the static trapeze.  I hadn't ever been exposed to the static trapeze until I started my current teaching position at Cirque Indy.  It started out as a flirtation really.  I walked by the trapeze, eventually I touched the trapeze, then I sat on the trapeze.  Before I knew it, I was mounting and performing moves in the trapeze.  I'm taking things slowly and working on building confidence and aerial awareness in this new to me apparatus.  I'm getting that excited newly discovered feeling all over again- one I felt nine years ago when I first touch a pole and recounted again and again with the silks and lyra.  It's a happy feeling to be excited and driven to explore a new apparatus.  It's the feeling that keeps an aerialist coming back for more.  I'm hoping to explore more of this apparatus and share my journey here on my blog.  So as they say in show business, stay tuned for more! 

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